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What Is Beard Transplant?

From time to time, men may have rare beards due to the effects of genetic factors or experience hair loss due to hormonal reasons. If the person is discomfort by the balding or thinning of his beard, he can apply to beard transplant.

How Is Beard Transplant Performed?

First of all, the area you want to have beard transplant is examined by the physician. Then a blood test is done to get to the source of the problem. Beard Transplant The donor area where the hair roots will be removed is numbed by applying local anesthesia. The grafts (hair taken from the donor area) are collected by the FUE method. After the grafts are collected, micro holes are opened in the areas where the hair roots will be placed. Beard transplant is done by implanting the hair roots into the holes.

Shock Loss may Occur

Since beard transplant is a process that requires more care than hair transplant, it takes about 8-10 hours and pain is not felt during the operation since local anesthesia is used. Beard transplant is applied to people aged 24 and over to avoid hair fall in the future due to hormonal changes. In the process, the hair roots taken from the back of the head are transplanted.

After the operation, red spots may appear on the hair follicles, which is quite normal. Blood cells nourish the hair follicles, which is extremely useful for beards. After beard implantation, shock loss occurs as in hair transplant. It should be noted that the person should not be nervous and is a normal situation. The implanted beard, begin to grow completely in 4 to 8 months after shock loss.

Recovery PerIod after Beard Transplant

The maximum recovery period after beard transplant is one year. At the end of one year, the beards begin to sit in place and grow longer. In the first 10 days of the operation, newly planted hairs adapt, the treated area is crusted, and the crusts are shed. Total recovery is seen in a total of one year. Razor and razor shaving should not be done within minimum 4 months and maximum 6 months after beard transplant. The person must be shaved with the machine.

What Is Beard Transplant? What to Do Before Beard Transplant

The person must be treated before beard transplant. If the hair fall is caused by a hormonal cause, medication is applied first. If there is no permanent balding or thinning, beard transplant is not performed.

When going for an examination, the beards should not be cut and the doctor should see the natural way out. It is recommended not to take medicine without consulting your doctor before the operation. You should not smoke or you should reduce it before the operation. Because the effect of the treatment decreases, as the cigarette will damage the hair follicles.

For beards that do not appear as a result of genetic factors, some diseases or accidents, the person who will have the beard transplant process, is checked first. If it is deemed appropriate to do beard transplant, the procedures are started by the physician. After marking the region to be beard transplanted, harvested hairs are transplanted into the bald areas.


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