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Does Hair Transplant Operation Hurt?

Does Hair Transplant Operation Hurt? Those who have a thinning and balding hair or hair loss due to an accident now can have their have back like they used to have once.

Thanks to the developments in technology in recent years. To have your old hair back, you just need to have a hair transplant for hair restoration. However, every patient has different concerns about hair transplant.

For example, some patients are searching for the best doctors for hair transplant. Some patients are researching the best quality clinics for hair transplant.

And some patients are the most suitable country to have hair transplant surgery. Apart from these, there are two main questions frequently asked by the patients.

One of them is whether hair transplant operation hurts, and the other is the price of hair transplant operation. We have mentioned about hair transplantation prices in our previous articles.

In this article, we would like to give you some information about whether hair transplant hurts and causes pain for the patient.

Medical interventions are seemed as frightening and something to be avoided to most people. People never want to visit hospitals and clinics unless they have to.

When they have to, they want to investigate the matter in detail and know whether it will cause pain during or after the procedure.

Most of the people asks and says that “Is hair transplant a painful process for most people? Do I feel pain during the hair transplant operation, I’ve decided to have a hair transplant but I’m afraid.” and they apply to experts with these kinds of questions.

Does Hair Transplant Cause Pain?

Hair transplant is a medical intervention. It is a regional procedure performed under local anesthesia. This process is performed within one day. Besides, we can talk about a one-week process with the recovery period.

In fact, up to fifteen years ago, hair transplant was a much more painful and problematic medical procedure. Factors such as developing technology, new techniques developed in the field of hair transplant, the professionalization of the devices used and the increase of the expertise of doctors have minimized the pain in the hair transplant.

In addition, pain and ache does not apply to all patients due to the different pain thresholds. Most of the patients who were asked for satisfaction after the hair transplant procedure said that they did not experience any discomfort after the procedure. However, some patients reported that they felt minimal pain.

The majority of people who say that they suffer from hair transplant states that the problem is due to the doctor. This demonstrates the importance of consulting a specialist.

The Effect of FUE Method in Hair Transplant

There are 4 different hair transplant methods around the world. The most preferred method is hair transplant method known as FUE (Follicular Unite Extraction) hair transplant procedure.

With the development of the FUE method in the last decade, patients are able to have more comfortable and painless hair transplant. In this method, stitching and so on are never used. The success rate is quite high.

Does Hair Transplant Operation Hurt? 

Many patients wonder whether it will hurt during or after hair transplant operation. The biggest concern is the feeling of pain during the operation. Before the hair transplant surgery starts, the area to be perform transplant is being numbed. In this way, the patient does not experience any pain or ache during the hair transplant operation.

Local anesthesia takes approximately five minutes. If necessary, anesthesia can be applied again. In addition, some patients have fear of needles.

There are of course solutions for people who give up hair transplant because of fear of needles. Sedation and jet injection methods can be used for patients who are afraid of being anesthetized before hair transplant. The sedation method puts the person into a short sleep of fifteen minutes.

However, this method is not like general anesthesia. Vital activities continue in the same way. The patient is then anesthetized and the patient never meets the needle.

Why is Local Anesthesia Applied instead of General Anesthesia in Hair Transplant?

One of the most frequently asked subjects by the patients is why local anesthesia is preferred over general anesthesia during hair transplant. There are multiple reasons for this. However, the most general answer is not to risk the patient’s health and the success of the operation.

Local anesthesia is the anesthesia of a certain area. The patient is conscious and functions such as breathing are not suppressed.

The patient can sleep, listen to music, watch movies or talk during the operation. In this way, any negative situation that may occur is prevented. In general anesthesia, the situation is the opposite. In hair transplant operations, it is asked that the person having the hair transplant, needs to change positions continuously from the beginning to the end of the operation.

In addition, the risks are quite high, so general anesthesia is not preferred during hair transplant.

Does Hair Transplant Operation Hurt? Pain after Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant operation completed successfully, the healing process of the donor site takes approximately three days. The recipient areas will be healed in about ten days.

This period can be very comfortable in some patients, while it may cause minor problems in others. However, the pain will be eliminated by painkillers to be given.

  • It is very important not to hit your head or take a hit to your head after hair transplant.
  • In general, no pain is felt for 8-10 hours after the hair transplant procedures due to local anesthetics applied into area of the scalp during the operation.
  • In the following days, you should take the painkillers recommended by your doctor.. It is important to use medications before the pain begins.
  • If you want to have a painless and trouble-free hair transplant, we recommend that you meet our expert team. Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask your questions on your mind!
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