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FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul

Medical treatment does not work in people who have reached the advanced stages of hair loss. If these people feel uncomfortable with their appearance or think that the loss of their hair reduces their quality of life, they resort to the method of hair transplant.

Hair transplant method is very important in terms of both improving the quality of life of the person and providing a definitive solution. On the basis of hair transplant, it is a surgical operation that involves the transfer of strong hair follicles, i.e. grafts, from the donor area to the recipient area.

The receiving area; it is a hairless region that has experienced hair loss. This surgical operation is performed using a local anesthetic method and takes about 1 to 7 hours. Appropriate hair transplant technique is determined by making a hair loss analysis during consultation to the person who wants to have a hair transplant. In addition, taking the medical history during the consultation is very important in terms of determining if there are any diseases that will prevent the hair transplant.

When the point where hair transplant starts and the point that has reached today are compared, it is seen that a serious progress has been achieved. Day by day, different innovations are applied in hair transplant techniques and the chance of success increases.

Some of the hair transplant techniques are as follows; FUE technique, FUT technique and unshaven hair transplant. Prices for hair transplant with FUE technique vary depending on certain factors. It should also be noted that the clinics in Istanbul are very ambitious about hair transplant and their success rates are high. In addition, the overall price of hair transplant in Turkey is quite low compared to other countries. For these reasons, hundreds of thousands of tourists from abroad come to our country, especially to Istanbul, to have hair transplant.

What is FUE technique?

FUE technique, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, is one of the treatment types applied for hair transplant. The FUE technique, which has a more advanced strategy than the FUT technique and has a longer session duration, is quite common to use.


This technique for hair transplant was first applied in 1988 with 1 millimeter punches in Japan. When it is included in the literature, calendars showed the year 2002. It is very important in terms of the results that this technique, which has a great chance of success, is applied by whom and in what environment.

With this technique, an average of 2,500 to 3,500 grafts are transplanted from the donor area to the recipient area in a single session. In case the number of grafts needed by the recipient area is higher, hair transplant is carried out with a second session after a certain period of time.

The differences of FUE hair transplant technique compared to other techniques can be listed as follows;

  • While making hair transplant with this technique, no incision is made, thus, stitches are not used.
  • There is no scar left after hair transplant.
  • The medical dressing process ends on the third day.
  • When hair transplant is performed with this technique, it does not cause excessive bleeding during the operation.
  • FUE technique is more comfortable for both patient and doctor performing the operation.
  • Due to the graft harvested one by one, there is no need for an extra time to separate the grafts harvested from the donor area as in the FUT technique. For this reason, the operation time is quite short compared to the FUT technique.
  • Due to the harvesting of grafts one by one and implanting them one by one, the success rate of hair transplant performed with FUE technique is quite high.
  • It is possible for the patient to continue their daily life after washing and medical dressing performed after 36 hours.
  • This technique allows multiple sessions to be carried out, therefore it allows more grafts to be harvested.
  • Hair that comes out after hair transplant creates a more natural appearance.
  • Hair transplanted with this technique can be used for a lifetime, and no recurrent hair loss occurs.
  • No health problems are encountered after hair transplant.

How is Performed?

In hair transplant with FUE technique, the steps applied are applied with minor differences compared to normal hair transplant. These stages are called respectively; consultation, hair transplant and local anesthesia, harvesting grafts, opening channels, transplant and post-operation.

In the first stage of the consultation, the hair analysis of the patient is made, the areas to be transplanted are determined and the hairline is drawn. Correctly determining and drawing the hairline is very important in terms of natural appearance.

The second stage is hair transplant and local anesthesia. At this stage, the hair is shaved and then operation areas are anesthetized with a special anesthetic pen without a needle. As a result of this anesthesia applied, the consciousness of the patient will be clear. The third stage is the harvesting of grafts. Unlike the FUT technique, grafts are taken one by one from the donor area in the FUE technique.

Harvesting grafts one by one will ensure that there are no scars in the donor area and the wounds that will occur will heal in a shorter time.

The fourth stage is channel opening. At this stage, channels are opened in the recipient area for the placement of grafts collected from the donor area and stored in a special liquid. Immediately after the end of the opening channels process, the fifth stage, that is, the implanting process is started. At this stage, grafts are placed one by one and at the right angle in the channels opened. This stage ends when the last graft harvested is placed into the channel. With this technique, implanting takes 6 to 7 hours on average.

However, factors such as the size of the area to be transplanted, how many grafts will be planted in a single session, the experience of the specialist in the field and the structure of the scalp play an effective role in increasing or decreasing this period. When the transplant is finished, the donor area and the recipient area are sterilized, special medications are applied and the operation ends to ensure that the donor area heals more quickly.

The next stage, the sixth stage, is the post-operative stage. It is recommended that the patient should not wash his hair on his own for the first 36 hours after the operation. The hair wash and medical dressing process of the patient, who comes to the clinic after 36 hours, takes place and how to wash his hair is described in detail. Scabs are shed after the tenth day. Hair transplanted after 5 to 6 months begins to grow. At the end of 1 year, the change in the patient will be visible.

It should also be noted that after hair transplant, it is a natural process that all the hair or part of the hair follicles falls out after the operation, which is referred as shock hair loss. Not every patient experiences this situation. However, people who have hair transplant with this technique and who experience shock loss do not need to worry. Because after the hair loss, the hair follicles will grow back between 5 to 6 months without any hair fall later.


With FUE technique, a certain price cannot be given for hair transplant or even for general hair transplant. The reason for this varies depending on many criteria such as the expert staff of the hair transplant center, the results it gets, the technique that will be applied, the facilities offered to the patients, how many sessions of hair transplant will be done, how many grafts will be applied in total. In our clinic Now Hair Time, factors such as providing services such as accommodation, interpreter support, and transportation to the patients and hair transplant operation with a specialist staff in the hospital environment increase the price. However, it should be remembered that this operation is a surgical operation and should take place in sterile environments.

As can be understood from the citizens of many foreign countries being hosted in our country to perform hair transplant, hair transplant service prices in Turkey are quite affordable compared to other countries. In FUE technique, pricing is determined by the number of grafts to be implanted in many countries. However, hair transplant centers in Turkey including us do not determine the price per graft.

In our clinic Now Hair Time, we act with the policy of “maximum graft, fixed price”. We offer two package options for our patients coming from abroad and we aim to provide our patients the comfortable accommodation in Turkey as part of packages. In addition, we are mediating the meeting of the beauties of Istanbul by offering additional opportunities to our patients coming abroad recently. We would like to state that we stand out with hair quality, not with the cheapness of our price.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is undoubtedly the most preferred place for hair transplant by both foreign patients and local patients. This city is home of many hair transplant center but also this city has the highest population among cities in Turkey. It attracts a great number of tourists every year with its historical background and its many historical sites. The number of people who know Istanbul is quite high while many cities in Turkey are not known by tourists.

In addition to the high number of hair transplant clinics, another feature of Istanbul being preferred is that transportation is very easy. It is easy to travel to Istanbul by land, air and train from abroad and from other cities in Turkey. In addition, historical sites are visited while visiting. The fact that transportation is provided without any transits and the number of flights is very high increases the preferability of Istanbul.

Another reason for preferring Istanbul is that hair transplant prices are affordable and there are many clinics that provide professional services. In FUE technique, it is very important not to charge per graft.

As Now Hair Time, we provide hair transplant services with various techniques within the boundaries of Istanbul.

Our hair transplant techniques we provide are: FUE technique, sapphire FUE technique, DHI hair transplant technique and unshaven hair transplant technique. The hair transplant service performed by us has been completely under the control of our expert team and in the hospital environment. If you are one of those who want to put your hair loss problem aside forever, you can contact us and get better hair than before.

We, who always prioritize your satisfaction, will continue to develop ourselves for you and to bring you even better techniques as of today. Finally, with the FUE technique, we indicate our 95% success rate in hair transplant and we are looking forward to everyone who wants to have hair transplant to our clinic.

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