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Hair Washing After Hair Transplant

Hair Washing after Hair Transplant has an important role in order to get successful results from hair transplant. Especially after the first week of hair transplant operation, you should be very careful. The care taken into consideration to get new hair increases the healing process after the procedure.

Hair was after the hair transplant should be done carefully by using lotion and considering recommendations of the doctor. Hair wash is done 3-4 days after hair transplant, but it should be done with lotion and gently until scabs are shed. It is recommended to wash the hair regularly at least once a day for 15 days.

Hair Washing After Hair Transplant

During the 24-hour period after planting, the patient should never contact the planting and receiving area with water, including rainwater. Generally, the first wash is done on the 2nd day of planting, but it is OK to do it on the 3rd day. It is recommended to wash once a day until the 10th day based on the October date.

It is recommended to do this before bedtime in the evening, because the hair roots grow between 4 and 5 hours at night, and another reason is that daytime activities cause the hair to sweat, get dirty and get greasy.

How to Wash after Hair Transplant?

Hair can be washed on the 3rd day after transplant unless the doctor makes any other recommendations. Lotions used in the first wash help soften the scabs.

The lotion used for washing should not be too solid. The lotion spilled onto the hair should be gently massaged to spread.

In order not to damage the hair follicles, rubbing with hands should not be done. The lotion should be kept on scalp for 20 minutes to 1 hour. The lotion is used once.

One of the most important things to consider is the temperature of the water to rinse the lotion in the washing process.

Make sure that the water does not flow too harsh. If you wash your head with a high pressure water, it can damage the hair follicles. After the lotion is rinsed, the shampoo should be poured into the hand and foamed. With a very light finger movements, it should be ensured that the foam passes through the hair follicles.

The Final Wash After The Hair Transplant

As mentioned again, this process should be very sensitive to prevent damage to the hair follicles. Towels or hairdryers can be used to dry the washed hair. Hair should never be left wet.

Rinse the hair with a soft towel. You should not rub your head with the towel. Towel is used by pressing lightly to dry the water in the roots.

There are some things that pay attention when using a dryer. The dryer must be operated at the lowest level and at the lowest temperature. The dryer should be kept 30 cm away from the hair follicles. The final wash after the hair transplant is synchronized with shedding of the scabs. By shedding of the scabs, the lotion process is completed and normal washing process can start.

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