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Is Hair Transplant Performed in Summer?

Hair transplant is an operation that has become popular all over the world. With this operation, those who lost their hair as a result of an accident or due to the hair fall and thinning hair, now can easily regain their beautiful hair like they used to have before.

Since the success rate and visual aesthetics of the surgery is so high, the demand increases. However, as the demand for hair transplant increases, some rumors continue to spread.

We would like to inform you about these allegations, many of which are unfounded and have the potential to affect people who will undergo hair transplant.

A person who decides to have a hair transplant will be curious about many things. When you do research on the internet to satisfy this curiosity and find the answers to your questions, dozens of different allegations appear.

Such situations is confusing those who want to have hair transplant. Even some people change their mind to have hair transplant. Instead, doing a healthy research will eliminate the questions in your mind.

Subjects Needed to be Searched for Hair Transplant Process

There are certain issues researched by a person who will have hair transplant surgery. By having information about these issues, you can put an end to your concerns and have hair transplant with peace of mind.

Subjects that must be searched are as follows:

  • What is the success rate of hair transplant?
  • Will I regain my old appearance after hair transplant?
  • Does hair transplant hurt?
  • How long does the hair transplant operation take?
  • In which country should I have hair transplant?
  • Which clinic / doctor should I prefer for hair transplant?
  • When is the right time for hair transplant?

The subject of this article is about the right time for the hair transplant operation mentioned earlier. In our previous article, we touched upon that the best time for hair transplant is after the hair fall rate slows down to a certain level. Because hair loss while the shedding continues may cause an aesthetic appearance in the following years.

For this reason, it is not right to have hair transplantation when you are very young and your hair is still fell quickly. People who do not want to wait for some psychological reasons, after planning the second hair transplant with the doctor, the procedure can be done while the hair fall continues.

Now, we will focus on the issue of hair transplant which is one of the biggest concerns of those who decide to have hair transplant: 

Is Hair Transplant Performed in Summer?

Many blogs, forums and similar sites on the Internet contain information that ha it is not correct to have hair transplant in the summer months and the success rate will be low or it is dangerous. People who read this give up or postpone having hair transplant.

However, you do not have to postpone or give up hair transplant procedure which is very important to you. Because in the summer or any time of the year, there is no danger or harm to have hair transplant operation. These are often false information spread over the Internet.

Of course, as always after the hair transplant operation, you should pay attention to the advice of your specialist. In the summer, people who have hair transplant surgery should be a little more careful than others.

You Should Be Warm

Is Hair Transplant Performed in Summer? We have already mentioned that spring is the most productive time for hair transplant.

However, this does not mean that hair transplant will not be performed in summer. In summer, the most important thing to protect people who had hair transplant surgery is warm environments.

The only thing you need to do is not to be in hot environments for two weeks. If possible, get permission from your work for a while after hair transplant. Do not go out much and try to be in cool environments.

Two weeks after hair transplant is vital to the success of the procedure. We can call this phase as crusting phase. At this stage of scalp heal, the patient should not sweat, and do not harm their head.  

After 10 days following the hair transplant operation, person can wear hat which is comfortable and not squeezing the head. Of course, not only these, but also after hair transplant for a minimum of 20 days or a maximum a month, patient should stay away from places such as sea, pool or even go to the beach even if it doesn’t go into the sea. The reason is because of the possibility that sand might fill the roots of the hair.

This will damage the hair follicles and reduce the success rate of hair transplant operation and might risk the hair growth. However, after this period, people can enter the sea and the pool. They can enjoy their holidays. 

Challenges of Having Hair Transplant in Summer

When is hair transplantation done? There is no medical difficulty or danger of having hair transplant in summer. In this period, there are some minor difficulties experienced by the person who had hair transplant operation. To give an example of this, in the summer, when the head of the person who has hair transplant, sweats out, the person will impulsively wipe it.

However, when he tries to wipe his sweat with his hand or with the help of a napkin, there is a possibility of damaging the hair follicles.

To give another example, in summer the person will want to wash his head and take a shower because he will constantly sweat. However, washing procedures after hair transplant operation depends on certain rules and times. The reason for this is to ensure that the crusting and the setting of the roots are successful. 

Itchy Donor Area

In addition, whenever the hair transplant is performed, there will be a minor itch in the donor area, especially in the recipient area. This can be uncomfortable when combined with hot weather and sweat during the summer.

There is no harm in having hair transplant operation in summer except for the negative side of the temperature. If the person who considers to have a hair transplant, prefers to stay in a cool place for a few weeks even though it is summer. It can get through the process without any problems.

If you still have questions about hair transplant on your mind and you cannot find the answer on the internet. We advise you to contact Now Hair Time, which has the most experienced and caring doctors in the field of hair transplantation. And get answers to all the questions you have in mind.

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