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Post-Care After Hair Transplant Operation

Post-Care After Hair Transplant Operation is important. Those who have hair loss or thinning and who have suffered a partial hair loss due to any illness or accident have a hair transplant operation in order to achieve the appearance they like.

Thanks to hair transplant surgeries, they are not only physically pleased with their appearance, but also psychologically feel more comfortable and beautiful. If you have decided to have a hair transplant operation, you should know that there are several stages of this operation.

Firstly, you decide for a hair transplant and then you start to research about it. This research usually focusses on topics such as how hair transplant performed. In which country is best done, whether hair transplant hurts or not, how long the hair transplant operation takes, and what are the prices of the hair transplant operation. After gathering enough information, you will contact a clinic and the agreement process will begin. After the agreement, you will learn what you need to pay attention until the day of operation.

Post-Care After Hair Transplant Operation 

Then the day of hair transplant comes. The operation is completed within one day. The last stage of the hair transplant is the days after surgery. The patient has a great responsibility here to ensure that the operation is successful and that the transplanted hair is not damaged. For at least two weeks (14 days) following the day of the transplant, patient must take care of few things such as not hitting their head, friction, damage, pulling and so on. After the transplant procedure, your doctor will tell you in detail how long you should be protected from incidents.

After the hair transplant operation, implanted hairs will take 3 months to set in the area and there will be a falling within this period (transplanted hair will fall out in the first month; this is a normal condition.) and then grow and become a normal hair. However, the most sensitive period of a hair transplant is the first few weeks.

Things to do after Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia. In other words, the patient is not completely anesthetized by giving general anesthesia. Therefore, after the operation patient can go out and go home comfortably. The patient does not need to be hospitalized for a certain period of time. The area called donor area where hair roots are harvested for the transplant is covered with bandages. The reason for this is to prevent the donor area from any infection. Other areas where hair transplant is performed are left open.

One week after hair transplant

The most important thing after hair transplant operation is not to dress yourself.

You should definitely not wash your hair for a while. This period may be three to four days or longer. Your doctor will tell you in detail when to wash your hair.

Avoid all physical activities that will tire you. Take a break from doing sports such as weight lifting, running, swimming and so on.

Discontinue sexual intercourse for a week after the procedure. Even if it is not commonly known, sexual intercourse is one of the factors affecting the success of hair transplant operation.

Avoid anything you can possibly get hit with. This hit is not necessarily to be heavy, even small rubbing can affect the success of the transplant.

Get a comfortable, wide, non-pressing hat to use 10 days after the operation. In this way, you will be protected from many external factors. Hats should not be worn in the first 10 days following hair transplant.

Please do not smoke or drink alcohol for a while either before or after the hair transplant. In this way, hair follicles are fed better and the success rate of the surgery increases.

When you go through the healing process, you will start to have small crusts. This is not something to be worried and even it is a good sign. Please continue to use the medications given by your doctor without disrupting the time.

You must rest for three days following the hair transplant and do not leave the house. In this way, you can prevent possible accidents.

First Wash and Medical Dressing After Hair Transplant

Post-Care After Hair Transplant Operation is important and necessary. Medical dressing is applied one day after the hair transplant. On the first post operative day, the first consideration in medical dressing is to check the circulation in the donor and recipient areas. In order to observe that there are no infections or problems in those areas. First, bandages are removed and medical dressing is applied. The patient does not suffer from any pain or ache.

On the next day following the dressing, first wash the hair is done. The first week is very important in setting of hair follicles. Therefore, the first wash should be done in the clinic.

In the first wash, an informative training is given on the subsequent washing and how to wash your hair will be explained to you. The post care is as important as the hair transplant operation in order to achieve the hair you desire. Fully hair growth that is desired will be completed in 12 months.

In the washing process, first a special lotion is applied to the hair and you should wait for a while. This applied lotion is for the softening of the crusts that is formed and hair follicles and a more effective washing. After a certain period of time, foam shampoo is applied to the patient’s head very carefully and gently.

During this foaming process, the movement is not hard and harsh. After washing, the drying stage starts. With a soft towel, the head is dried with very light movements. Never use harsh movements and this can damage the hair follicles.

In summary, the order of hair transplant operation is as follows:

  • 1st day hair transplant operation
  • 2nd medical dressing
  • 3rd hair washing

If you experience any problems after washing or if you have a question, please consult your doctor.

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