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What is Afro Hair ? Can Individuals be Transplanted Who are with Afro Hair?

Afro is a general term used for people with African and Carribean ethnic groups. The people who come from that region in terms of ethnic origin may show differences from other people as physical appearance , hair structure and skin structure.

What is Afro Hair?

Hair types are evaluated according to race in three basic categories.

Caucasian, Asia and Afro have several different features. The characteristic structure of the hair of individuals of Afro origin is usually curled and wavy.

With changing from person to person , Afro individuals have average between 50.000 and 100.00 hair strands. Besides ,it is the slowest hair model with a growth rate of 0.9 cm per month.

Curleds, which are avaliable in Afro hair model, start from roots that are under epidermis ( upper skin) in dermis layer and they create curly hair structure by growing longer. Number of roots in a single follicle is also at most two and triple roots.

what-is-afro-hair.jpgCaucasian hair type is considered as European type hair. Caucasian hair types can grow longer up to 1.2 cm per month and they can be curly or straight hair. There is the most intensive hair type is that Caucasian hair model. There are 140.000 hair strands for people with blonde hair , 100.000 hair strands for people with brunette hair and also average 80.000 hair strands for people with red hair.

Asian hair types are the most seen hair type and these hair types can increase up to 140.000 hair strands depends on person. They can grow up to 1.3 cm per month and usually are thick hair strand ,generally straight.

What is Afro Hair Loss?

Afro Hair individuals also experience some hair loss due to the hair styling processes except for androgenic hair loss. Although curly hair structure conceals size of the losses from the beginning , it causes an increase in the size of the area to be interfered later. People , who have afro hair types, use chemical hair straighteners and style their hair with tight braids by the reason of curly hair structure. If These types of straighteners practices are used for a long time, They cause harms to hair follicles permanently. Sometimes CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopesia ) Center is called as Santrifüj Sikastriyel Alopecia and this situation shows permanent regional hair loss may also be experienced. So It is not only genetic but also physical effects make permanent hair loss happen.

In men of Afro-Caribbean descent, the same type of (Androgenic) hair loss that can be seen in all individuals is seen. This type of hair loss in men is that hair loss which is seen in the changed rate depends on Dihidroksi Testesteron (DHT) susceptibility. In addition to this hair loss, regional hair loss due to the physical and chemical effects we have just mentioned is frequently experienced in both men and women.

How is Afro Hair Transplantation Performed?

Afro Hair causes some difficulties in hair transplant process stages by the reason of different from other hair types in terms of structural features. But talented and experienced hair experts can overcome these problems.

One of these problems is donor (giver) from the region is experienced in problems when getting greft . Unshaved hair transplantation is not possible in these individuals as it will cause difficulties.

 In curly hair , It starts from hair follicle curled structure, therefore during getting roots via micro motor, It can be difficult to get greft without damaging neighboring roots. In addition , It requires a knack to get greft without ruining greft’s follicles . Therefore, If the person who applies is not experienced , the number of greft with a healthy structure provided may be less.

Therefore, Traditional FUE (Foliküler Unite Ekstraksiyonu) method may not be prefferd by some experts. Tendency may increase FUT (Foliküler Unite Trasplantasyonu) method. The scar formed as a result of greft getting with the FUT technique causes more scar histogenesis due to afro individuals’ skin structure feature.

Another problem that occurs with Afro Hair, during hair transplating stage while It is implanted scalp in , It is difficulty about finding the correct aspect. Since curled of hair reaches out to the root, To find the correct aspect causes difficulties . In addition, according as different structure of epidermis tissue, It requires more pressure during transplating. Therefore, different implementation difficulties arise.

But all of these problems can be overcome by talented and experince experts. Like every case , for Afro individuals the number of greft is very important according to the size of the hair loss. It can be transplanted with obtaining the enough number of greft.

 Obtaining greft is not different from other transactions like preparing transplanting area and transplating process. Only DHI (Direct Hair Implantation ) pen method application may not be preffered in this type of hair. Sapphire FUE application can be more suitable according to implanting grefts in correctly.

 We mentioned before that Transactions may be long time due to implanting hair in correct aspects situations. Since Afro hair grows slower, it is necessary to wait longer to evaluate the result of the procedure. Although all these problems are told, Afro hair type transplantation process can be applied by experienced experts as painless and problem free.


How Can Hair Loss Be Stopped?

There are many factors affected the hair loss. Sometimes the reason is about androgenic or physical and chemical processes frequently applied to hair, permanent loss of hair follicles. Withdrawals due to the hair styling methods we mentioned in Afro hair type cause hair loss by disrupting the hair follicles. Apart from these, some vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hair loss may occur due to Di Hydroxy Testosterone (DHT) sensitivity. It will change according to the reason of hair loss. But You generally shouldn’t care your hair unkindly. This situation should be the first precaution. If you want your hair grow permanently, you should be careful about these advices;

  • Do not wash your hair frequently, washing frequency prevents reaching of sebum substance to hair provided nutrition of hair strand, it will be suitable to wash the hair at intervals of three days at the earliest.
  • Do not apply unnatural hair styling to your hair intensely and often.
  • Pay attention to your hair dying habits. You should dry your hair naturally without using a hair dryer if it is possible.
  • Do not use too much force while you’re combing your hair.
  • Your hair follicles are fed by capillaries. If more blood come into these veins, they will make your roots stronger. Therefore , increase the blood build up in this area by massaging your scalp for 5-10 minutes a day.
  • Another method may be to stand upside down for a while to get more blood to the head area.
  • Do not forget to massage by preparing mixtures of natural oils such as coconut oil from time to time.
  • Do not have your hair dyed too often . Do not choose contasting colors consecutively. These applications are transactions that damage your hair follicles and hair strands . Because they involve chemical processes.
  • If you have deficiencies of vitamin B and Zinc. You should take some food and drug supplements with the advice of medical attendant . You should get support from your doctor.
  • Biotin deficiency may also lead to hair loss and dermatological problems. You should eat plenty of diet in biotin . Biotin is naturally found in foods such as milk, cereals , nuts, avocados , soybeans, bananas , cauliflower . And you should decrease your raw egg consumption.
  • Since everyone has got different biochemistry and metabolism , you need to follow doctor’s recommedations by consulting with a speacialist.

Can Medical Treatments Prevent Hair Loss ?

Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine) active substance products are medical drugs used in the treatment of early hair loss. They give chance to hair follicles and hair strands to grow by stopping hair loss. However, As they do not create new roots instead of hair loss, the preferred method will be hair transplantation for total hair loss.

When hair starts to weaken and hair loss is increased in early periods , medical treatment can be preferred in young individuals. Many active substances and products are used in the market, but it will be a dream to expect miraculous effects from these products.


Finansteride (Propecia)

In these products, Finasteride active substance, known as the brand name Propecia, effects on the 5 Alpha Reductase Type 2 enzymes, which enable the male hormone. Testosterone to transform into Di Hydroxy Testosterone (DHT). It is a product that has an antiandrogen effect. Finasteride prevents the conversion by inhibiting (suppressing) on 5 Alpha Reductase Type 2 enzymes . It isn’t suitable for individuals under the age of 18 , individuals who have not their development and pregnant individuals.

Since Finansteride Dihidroksi Testesterone makes the conversion of DiHydroxy Testesterone slow, it can reduce and partially stop the loss Of DHT sensitive hair follicles. It has been determined that It decreases hair loss up 90% proportionately. However when the drug treatment is ceased , a decrease in the hair shaft volume and hair loss may start again after a while. In addition, Some side effects may be experienced with low possibility.

This product, which is also used in prostate treatment , is also used in the treatment of prostate extention and It causes to reduce the size of prostate . Due to this effect, Sperm production may be decreased at low rates and It causes some sexual dysfunction disorders.

 In some individuals , It may be a decrease in intensity about ejaculation (sperm discharge ), loss of libido ( low sexual desire) and breast tissue growth may be seen.


Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Minoxidil is the first product used in the treatment of hair loss. This product is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) American Food and Drug Administration. It has been used by being fed and applying to the scalp in the form of serum or foam. It has been proved to be effective against the hair loss at varying rates from person to person .

It is actually an active substance that gets result about vasodilation (vasodilating) effect. Thanks to this effect, It extends the capillaries that nutrify the hair follicles and makes easier their feeding with blood. And It also helps the development of shruken and thinned hair strands and roots by stimulating.

Although the mechanism of Minoxidil is not known exactly , It is thought to prolong the development phase (Anagen Phase ) of the hair. By helping the hair in the phase for a long time , It facilitates hair thicken and grow . In this way , It provides a reduction in the hair loss. It shows more successful and positive effects when is with the combination with Finsteride when It is affected in DHT sensitivity.

Remember , All of these applications can be effective in the early hair loss. If hair follicles are completely lost and large openings are experienced in the scalp, We can not find miraculous drug because It has not been discovered for this situation. Therefore , Hair transplantation will be the most permanent solution .

Hair transplantation methods provide a more accurate solution. Because They apply by transporting the hair follicles on the back of the head , are insensitive to DHT and resistant to shedding,

 In addition, thanks to DHT insensitivity, these hair follicles will not lose after hair transplantation, as these hair follicles are naturally resistant to shedding.

You should start by making an appointment with our clinic for more effective solutions, we wish you healthy days.

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