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What is FUE Hair Transplant Method?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that requires professionalism, became very popular in our era. Hair transplant operation, which is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures today, can be applied to many people with great success rates.

Hair transplant operation, which is a very serious medical procedure, is applied as a result of hair loss caused by various reasons. Although it is mostly applied for men, it is also possible to apply hair transplant for women.

There may be many different causes of hair loss problems that require hair transplant.

What is FUE Hair Transplant Method?

Hair loss, which varies from person to person and has very specific effects, can occur due to many personal reasons. Today, stress and intensive medicine use, which are the biggest problems of people, can lead to hair loss in individuals.

As a result of hair transplant operations, there is a solution to the hair problems. Many different methods and techniques are used in hair transplant.

Among them, the most used technique is FUE hair transplant technique, which is applied by many professional physicians.

What is FUE Technique?

Hair transplant operation is a very popular surgical operation today and it is frequently preferred. Many different hair transplant methods and techniques are used during these surgical procedures.

FUE hair transplant technique is one of the most popular hair transplant methods in our modern age.

Hair transplant method with FUE produces the most effective solution against hair loss and baldness in our age and is preferred by many people in different ages.

FUE hair transplant is applied and recommended by many surgeons in many different countries. However, there are some striking discussions about this method of hair transplant.

Many experts argue that this method should be performed by experts and competent plastic physicians in their field, and that various problems will arise as a result of this operation that is not done correctly.

However, many modernized developments have been experienced in hair transplant technology and modern medicine.

Many plastic physicians who want to improve themselves in the light of such developments and follows innovations closely prefer the hair transplant with FUE technique.

Any plastic physician who has provided any of the hair transplant equipment suitable for hair transplant with FUE technique can perform hair transplant with FUE technique.

However, the most important point to be considered here is the knowledge, dexterity and work experience in this field of the plastic surgeon who will perform the operation.

Hair transplant with FUE technique is a serious plastic surgery that is largely irreversible and difficult to revise. It is important that the individuals who are operated for the hair transplant operation with FUE should definitely conduct detailed research and examine the conditions of the process in detail.

There are many important points that the patient should pay attention to before the FUE hair transplant, during the hair transplant and after the hair transplant operation. There are many essential parts to be considered in FUE hair transplant technique.

In the FUE hair transplant method, the hairline to be determined has great importance during the procedure for the hair transplant operation.

The hair transplant area which is designed in accordance with the individual’s natural hair style and hairline, will increase the success rate of the operation and will enable the process to provide much healthier results.

Here, the decisive point to be basically referenced; It is the knowledge of the plastic physician who is a hair transplant specialist and the center of the hair transplant service.

Along with this information, the experience of the plastic physician in the field of hair transplant has great importance.

How it is Performed?

In general, we encounter two different methods in hair transplant operations. One of them is the FUT technique and the other is the FUE hair transplant technique.

FUT Hair transplant technique with is a more traditional and an old method, thus, it is not used much in our era.

FUE hair transplant technique is much more advantageous and technological than FUT technique, and FUE with hair transplant technique is preferred by thousands of plastic physicians in hundreds of different countries.

FUE hair transplant technique is generally performed by transplanting hair follicles in the nape area of ​​the person who is sensitive to hair loss, to the areas where baldness is experienced in the scalp.

The hair follicles harvested for implanting from the nape area should be determined correctly according to the length of the hair and the natural hair directions.

It is a very important point that the hair follicles harvested from the nape area of the person during the operation are absolutely not damaged.

After completing the separation process of the hair follicles harvested to perform the hair transplant operation, new channels are started to be opened for the hair follicles in the regions where balding has started. This area to be used here is the final part of hair transplant.

The hair follicles separated for the process are placed one by one into the channels. This is the most important part in hair transplant.

This stage is carried out with great precision and meticulousness, and if the individual undergoing the operation is treated in the most appropriate way, a high efficiency rate can be obtained from the hair transplant operation.

When performed under the control of a professional and expert plastic surgeon in the field of hair transplant, a quite natural look for the hair can be obtained.

Of course it plays important role that the hairline of the individual, forehead circumference, the density of the hair and the direction of the hair follicles are determined correctly in order to get the most successful result in hair transplant operation.

Hair in the nape area does not fall out due to their sensitivity to testosterone hormone. Therefore, hair in the nape area of the individuals is preferred for hair transplant.

In people who have lost their hair in the nape area or are in an inadequate condition due to a special disease or various accident situations, hair can be harvested from the chest area or many other different parts of the body depending on the situation.

Hair transplanted is fallen out again after approximately one month following FUE hair transplant. This is quite normal and usual in the process of hair transplant.

About five months after this process, the hair grows normally and takes its place on the head permanently.

According to the specific features of the hair transplant technique used, hair follicles are produced efficiently at approximately ninety percent.

The first washing process for the transplanted hair is done at the hair transplant center, and immediately afterwards detailed information about how to wash the hair for individuals is transferred.


With the FUE technique, there is basically no fixed price application in hair transplant operations.

The hair transplant process price can vary considerably according to the person and the quality standard of the technique used in the hair transplant operation.

The amount of hair follicle to be harvested from the nape area of ​​the individual during the hair transplant process and the condition of the operation to be performed play a major role in determining for pricing.

Hair transplant centers serving during the examination determine the hair transplant fee by taking into account the amount of hair follicles to be harvested, the technique to be used for the operation and all other various determining factors.

After being informed about the fee, the patient decides for the hair transplant operation and the procedure begins.

It is a known fact that the hair transplant operation, which has aesthetic concerns about hair and has a hair loss problem at certain periods of people’s life, is an option for those who still have a high percentage of success.

Hair transplant, which is preferred by people in different ages from thousands of different places around the world, is carried out by many big institutions and organizations worldwide.

Many local and foreign companies serve in this sector, where plastic surgeons with experience and experience in their field are highly recommended.

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