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When Should Hair Transplant Be Done?

Baldness, which is among the general problems of our age, is a problem that wears down many people. Due to this wearing process, people apply to different fields and seek treatment. The most appropriate treatment for baldness, hair loss problem, is undoubtedly the hair transplant operation. Hair transplant operation is preferred by large masses and it is generally successful.baldness.jpg

The success of the operation is related to the treatment method used as well as to the specialist who applied the treatment. The specialist should be experienced and competent in their job. People should research the experts thoroughly before performing the hair transplant operation and after that they should decide.

Hair may become a big problem for some people due to genetic factors and inadequate hair care. Those who want to cope with this problem, whose hair loss is caused by different reasons but bears the same result and who want to be happy in their social life, apply to the hair transplant operation. So, is there any time frame to apply for hair transplant operation? When should a hair transplant operation be performed? Are there any seasons or days that are important for the operation?

Time is also among the decisions that those who want to have hair transplant have difficulties to make. Those who want to have an operation wonder many details about the right timing and that might turn into a problem. The answer to the questions relating time that people are curious about, is also provided by the characteristics of the people.


In other words, treatment should be started by including many elements from their social lives to health conditions and personal lives. For example, another factor that is important in the timing of hair transplant is gender. Before all this, it is necessary to determine whether people need an operation or not. At this point, the gender factor will play a key role. If the person who wants to have treatment is male, hair transplant process is required in the hair loss due to the androgen hormone. It is almost mandatory for men with aesthetic concerns to have a hair transplant operation. Hair transplant is the most permanent treatment for men experiencing hair loss.

If a woman experiences hair loss, stress is the primary factor causing the hair loss. For this reason, hair transplant is not at the top of the treatments to be applied against hair loss for female patients. There are other treatments that can be applied to women’s hair loss. Consequently, when a hair transplant decision is made for both sexes, both women and men, different conditions and time periods should be considered.

Men who have had time thinking for hair transplant should consider the age. Age is among the most important factors in determining the timing of hair transplant. The opinion of physicians is that patients under the age of twenty undergo detailed research and wait for a period of time because hair loss can be occurred due to adolescence for men under the age of twenty. Hair loss from adolescence is quite normal and does not require hair transplant. However, if hair transplant is done during adolescence, the hair loss will continue because the period has not ended.


When people are in their 30s, it is observed that hair loss decreases or stops. For those who want to have a hair transplant and ask when I should have a transplant, the thirties are the most accurate time period. The hair that needs to be fallen out in the thirties has been already fallen out, and hair loss process is completed. The performed hair transplant does not cause falling again. Even after this age, there is no risk of hair loss.

Those who consider the time of hair transplant should also consider the issue in terms of seasons In the hair transplant operation, seasons are effective and the weather conditions must not be extreme. In the period hair transplant will be performed, excessive cold or excessive heat should be avoided. The summer season is not the right time for hair transplant. The hot air will make the person sweat and therefore discomfort will occur in the operation area.

Since it is very important not to touch the recipient area after the operation, any disturbing element should be avoided. The heat during summer and sweating due to the heat will cause person touching the recipient area, wiping sweat or different factors. These motives can cause problems on the recipient area. Hot air brings with sea and beach as well.

Going to beach and sea do not produce good results in hair transplant operation. If you pay attention to operation date that will be after the summer vacation, you will get better results. With the end of summer, the weather will not be extremely hot, and factors such as beach and sea will disappear because the holiday season passed. It is essential to be protected from extreme temperatures in the winter as well as in the summer, that is, if hair transplant is carried out in the coldest month of winter, the area where the operation is performed may give negative reactions. The person who goes out in very cold weather or very rainy weather will experience failures in the course of the operation.


Even wearing a hat during cold weather is likely to affect the process. Those who want to have a hair transplant in the winter should either get it in the first months of the winter season or in the last months. Thus, the warm air condition will be occurred in both transitions and the recipient area will not be exposed to cold. As it can be seen, each time period with extreme conditions affects the hair operation without being summer or winter. The month should be preferred rather than the season. Since the transition months are always milder, it affects the process positively.

The social life of the person who wants to have a hair transplant is also of great importance to choose operation date. Health in people’s social lives is one of the factors affecting hair transplant. Just like in the seasons, it is necessary to avoid extreme factors in social life.

People whose social life is active should take a break from this liveliness for a few days after October and rest. The resting time plays an important role in the success of the hair transplant operation. Patients can contribute to the process by relaxing both physically and psychologically.

The effects of fatigue and exhaustion are observed in patients who continue their social life actively, and continue with their liveliness. Hair transplant operation takes into account the compliance of all kinds of effects to the result. After the transplant process, especially in the first three days patient must rest. People should make their social life stable according to the operation process and prepare an environment.

Recovery relating to the operation is observed in about ten days. The healing process is in the hands of the people, that is, people who take rest and take the necessary care will recover faster while those who do not rest and take care by acting otherwise will recover later.

One should consider the outcome of each stage and determine the social life plan accordingly. The importance of planning in the timing of operation is unquestionably great.

The factors that are important in choosing date of hair transplant for individuals are not limited to these. If a period that person is stress free, healthy and psychologically comfortable is preferred, more successful results will be obtained. As a hair transplant center, we are ready to take all necessary steps to solve our patients’ problems relating time.

The hair transplant service we offer is not only limited to the operation, but also the conditions before and after the operation are realized in the order provided by our center. If you want to get detailed information about the services our center provides, please visit our website. You can contact us via the phone number on our website.

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