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When Should Hair Transplant be Performed?

When Should Hair Transplant be Performed? Some of the things that people wonder who decided to have a hair transplant are as follows: When is the best time for hair transplant, is there a certain time of hair transplant process, what is the optimal age range for hair transplant. If hair loss or hair fall has occurred, you may want to regain your old appearance by having hair transplant.

However, as with any medical procedure, the right timing of hair transplant is one of the major factors affecting the success of the procedure.

The Best Time for Hair Transplant: Hair Loss Level

For those who want to have hair transplant, it is essential to determine the right time. There are several factors that determine when the time is right. One of these factors is the level of hair loss. In other words, how much of your hair is fallen out. If your hair is still falling out and thinning little bit , it is not correct to perform hair transplant operation. You can consult with our expert doctors to see if you have a sufficient level of hair loss for hair transplant.

It is not right to perform hair transplant surgery on people whose hair are still falling out fast and continuously and even who have still a hair fall moderately. First of all, this may cause an aesthetically disturbing appearance.

If a patient has an active hair fall, existing hair is still likely to fall out within a few years even though a hair transplant was performed on the balding areas.

Therefore, it would be unpleasant look for the patient with balding patches from place to place occurs in the person’s head. You should talk to your doctor and get your doctor’s approval when deciding on hair transplant in order to prevent the unaesthetic appearance.

When Should Hair Transplant be Performed?

For the right hair transplant and a quality look, the majority of the hair fall must be completed. In this way, your doctor will make the necessary analysis and decide the right shape for the hair transplant operation.

The calculations such as the direction of hair to transplant and the number of grafts will be made correctly. In this way, a natural and beautiful appearance will be achieved after hair transplant. It is necessary to wait for sufficient hair loss, especially in the early ages. Otherwise, the operation fails.

If the person wants to have hair transplant as soon as possible due to some psychological reasons, he / she can carry out the first transplant operation by planning the second hair transplant with the help of our specialist. In addition, techniques such as DHI (direct hair implant) of FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure can be the solution to the thinning hair problem.

Time Planning for Hair Transplant

Up to this point was about deciding the hair transplant operation. The next part is a time plan for the things that should be done after the hair transplant operation is completed.

There are several factors that affect the success of the hair transplant operation. If the person does not follow these rules after the procedure, an unsuccessful result is likely to happen.

You should be resting a few days after the hair transplant operation. For this reason, make sure that the day you choose for hair transplant and the next few days are health holiday.

After the hair transplant, you should protect the area of scalp from things such as impact, friction and abrasion. To do this, you should choose a period in which you will not be too active.

You should avoid various harmful habits after hair transplant (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.). It is for your benefit that you do not prefer the periods of celebration.

You should avoid swimming for 1 month following the hair transplant operation. Swimming in sea, ocean or pool will damage your hair. It is forbidden to be in the beach because your hair root might be filled with sand and as a result of the sand your hair follicles cannot breath. For this reason, we recommend you to adapt your holiday plan to your hair transplant calendar.

It is not desirable that hair follicles interact with too cold or too hot air after hair transplant. For this reason, the best time period for hair transplant is spring and autumn. When planning, always consider the seasonal characteristics.

The Role of Schedule in Hair Transplant Success

Although the hair transplant operation is now performed more easily thanks to the developing technology, the success of the procedure and a better hair growth depend on some rules. You should take care of the transplanted hair. In the process of hair transplant, doctor and you have some responsibilities. The most important of these is time planning.

If you have decided to have a hair transplant operation, we recommend that you consult an expert doctor in the field about the completion of the hair loss and the process.

You should ensure that you have enough time to rest after the procedure.

You should try to avoid swimming and beach to protect the hair follicles.

You should pay attention to avoid harmful habits for several weeks following the hair transplant operation.

Look at your calendar and choose the time period that suits your needs in the best way possible. Then immediately contact our specialists and let you get the hair look you want.

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