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Who Can Have Hair Transplant?

Who can have Hair Transplant? In recent years, hair loss has become a problem that we see frequently in both men and women. Hair transplant is carried out when hair loss due to hormones, stress or any health problems is not treated with medicines. It is necessary to meet certain conditions for this process performed by harvesting hair roots from the back of head which is the donor area. We have prepared the answer to the questions whether everyone can have hair transplant or who cannot have hair transplant.

Who Can Have Hair Transplant? At What Age Should One Have Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant must be performed on those over 18 years old. However, anyone older than 18 can benefit from hair transplant. After the person has been examined, it is decided whether the transplant will be performed or not. If the hair transplant is performed while the person’s hair still falling out, it will not yield good results. Also, it is not recommend to have hair transplant for those who is going puberty or have not completed puberty yet. Due to the hormones hair can fall out or new hairs can grow after the hair loss.

Can Sick People Have Hair Transplant?

Although it is a non-surgical operation, the person’s general health status is one of the most important factors. If you have any health problems or medications used constantly, you should consult your doctor.

Does Anyone Die During Hair Transplant?

In such case, the health status of the person should be taken under control and necessary actions should be taken. Hair transplant process should be done after necessary actions are taken. In addition, the healing time of wounds will be extended after a certain age. In these cases, the hair transplant procedure might not be performed.

Is Donor Region Important for Hair Transplant?

The hair of the person who wants to have hair transplant taken from the back of your head that is the donor region must be examined firstly.

It is important that these hairs have strong hair roots which will be transplanted. After the necessary examinations are done, the specialist who will make the hair transplant decides if the person is good candidate or not.

If the hair roots are weak and the hairs in the donor area are inadequate, hairs from chest, arm or back can be harvested and the procedure can be performed.

However, hairs from the chest, arm or back are not as strong as the hair roots in the back of the head and beard. For this reason, hair transplant with hairs from the back of the head gives more effective results. Now Hair Time transplant hair follicles only from back of the head and beard.

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