Hair Simulation

There is continuous development and progress in the universe. Advances in the field of technology and science affect the health and beauty sector closely, and many diseases can be with cured with new treatment methods. Developments in all these areas have also manifested in hair loss. The diagnosis and treatment procedures have been promoted. One […]

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a procedure that both men and women often prefer today. The problem can be overcome by performing an operation after hair loss, which we can refer to as a permanent solution for hair loss problem. This procedure that is hair transplant operation, can be defined as a micro surgical operation performed in […]

Incrustation After Hair Transplant

What is Incrustation After Hair Transplant? What Causes Incrusting after Hair Transplant? There may be some conditions after hair transplant. After the hair transplant procedure, itching may be seen in addition to redness and swelling. But there is nothing to worry about in this case. Incrusting after hair transplant can be seen in everyone. On […]

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