What is FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that requires professionalism, became very popular in our era. Hair transplant operation, which is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures today, can be applied to many people with great success rates. Hair transplant operation, which is a very serious medical procedure, is applied as a result of hair […]

When should hair transplant be done?

Baldness, which is among the general problems of our age, is a problem that wears down many people. Due to this wearing process, people apply to different fields and seek treatment. The most appropriate treatment for baldness, hair loss problem, is undoubtedly the hair transplant operation. Hair transplant operation is preferred by large masses and […]

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Today, there are many people who have hair loss and baldness problem. The most permanent solution to this problem is hair transplant. Hair transplant is done by transplanting strong hair roots to the area where people experience hair loss or baldness. The reasons for hair loss in people may differ. These reasons are generally; Genetic […]

FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul

Medical treatment does not work in people who have reached the advanced stages of hair loss. If these people feel uncomfortable with their appearance or think that the loss of their hair reduces their quality of life, they resort to the method of hair transplant. Hair transplant method is very important in terms of both […]

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

The causes of androgenetic alopecia, that is, hair loss, which causes an appearance disorder and causes individuals to lose their self-confidence, are as follows: Excessive weight loss Some medicines used (blood thinners, medicine for arthritis, gout, depression etc.) Vitamin and mineral deficiency Some diseases in the body (thyroid, diabetes, anemia, cancer, etc.) Chemotherapy Genetic predisposition […]

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