Dhi Hair Transplant


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DHI Hair transplant is one of the most preferred methods due to its advantages in recent years. With this hair transplant method, a more natural and denser hair transplant process can be done by focusing on the gaps between hairs without damaging the existing hair. Comparing to other methods, patient can return their normal life more quickly since the recovery process is fast.


Before the DHI hair transplant process, computer-aided hair examination is performed to calculate the structure, quality, hair loss potential, donor area density and number of grafts that can be transplanted. Preferably your hair is cut to a certain length and the front hairline design is prepared. The donor area is anesthetized and the back of the head is numbed. Afterwards, some amount of tissue around the hair follicles is left and taken one by one with the help of a micro motor without any damage.

Harvested hair grafts are kept in special solutions according to a certain classification in order to increase the life of the tissue in the hair grafts and to maintain its quality. After this procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the area where hair transplant will be applied. Then, grafts are placed one by one into the implant pen in accordance with the thickness of the graft. Hair transplant is usually started from the front hairline, which was previously planned by the specialist, and grafts placed in the pens are properly implanted according to the natural angle of the hair. In this way, hair transplant is completed by protecting existing hair.


Since with the direct hair implant process (DHI – Direct Hair Implantation) technique channels are not opened, the healing process is much faster.

First 5 Days after Hair Transplant

Hair experiences the process of crusting and shedding of these scabs within the first 5-6 days after the operation.

15th Day after Hair Transplant

The shock hair loss phase begins 15 days after hair transplant. Then the hair fall slows down and stops.

Between 3 – 12 Months after Hair Transplant

After the third month, the growth of new hair becomes observable. In the 6th month, more than 50 percent of the hair grows out, and in the 12th month, it is observed that 99 percent of the hair grows out.


The most important feature of DHI hair transplant process is that it does not require stitches, scars and cuts. The purpose of this technique is to minimize the time that the grafts taken from the donor area are outside and to ensure that they are healthier and stronger. It is also another advantage that any channels is not opened during the hair transplant process. It is important for health to perform the hair transplant process performed with the DHI method using single-use items.


Regardless of the method used in hair transplant, the experience and knowledge of the hair transplant team and specialists must be at a high level. Hair transplant method, which is done using the latest technology, especially DHI, is a method that requires more care. Now Hair Time hair transplant center has carried out many successful operations with its fully equipped hospital environment and expert staff.

What's the Difference Between DHI and FUE?

Mesotherapy techniques are used to strengthen existing hair. These techniques are for protecting hair. However, hair transplant is a radical solution and it is aimed at growing hair from non-existent places. In this context, there are many technological developments and many techniques. However, the most advanced and advantageous is the DHI method. Thanks to the pen used in the DHI method, the hair can be given a more natural direction and the frequency and density of the hair can be determined.


In the DHI method, which is also known as Choi pen or Pen technique, although advantages may appear compared to FUE, this situation may vary depending on the person’s head structure, donor area and the plan determined by the specialist. The disposable pen used in the DHI method may differ in price with other hair transplant methods. In our center, there is no additional charge when applying the method that our patients need for the best results. However, this does not apply to every hair transplant center. For this reason, it will be the best step to get a price by consulting the hair transplant center you plan to go to.


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