Does Anyone Die During Hair Transplant?

Does anyone die during hair transplant? Nowadays, with the spread of hair transplant operations, hair transplant surgery is believed to be an easy operation. It can be said that it is a lighter procedure compared to other operations. But hair transplant should not be seen as a simple operation.

It is of great importance to perform hair transplant in a fully equipped hospital and in a sterile environment for sake of the patient. The process of harvesting the healthy hair follicles and channeling them to the bald areas is a procedure that requires serious care and must be performed in a sterile environment. Otherwise, the hair transplant area may get infection.

Does anyone die during hair transplant?  

Those who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and anemia should consult their doctors to have hair transplant. If these issues are not taken into account, there may be fatal risks during hair transplant.


Hair transplant is a procedure that takes about 8-10 hours under local anesthesia. Sometimes drugs injected during anesthesia may cause anaphylactic shock. Resulting in impaired heart rhythm. In such cases, cardiologists should intervene and intervene quickly. Therefore, the place where the hair transplant operation will be carried out must be performed in a well-equipped hospital or surgical medical centers where specialist doctors are available for emergency intervention.

Turkey’s Best Hair Transplant Center Now Hair Time

Emphasizing that hair transplant is a process that should be taken seriously, Now Hair Time performs its operations in a well-equipped hospital with sterile environment and sterile medical equipment.

Hair transplant process, which has no risk for healthy people, must be carried out by a team of experts and professionals.

By the way, Most of the medication developed against hair loss today have side effects such as dryness. Dullness, itching and dandruff on the skin. Although there is no treatment that stops hair loss completely, some medical applications help prevent hair loss. For this reason, hair transplant has gained popularity in recent years.


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