Female Hair Transplant


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In hair transplant, thinning hair or hair loss due to any reason is completely restored from their own hair with a medical intervention.

With the developing technological methods, hair transplant without shaving of the entire hair has enabled the process of hair transplant to become widespread in women. Therefore, women who have problems with hair fall and thinning have been increasingly directed to hair transplant in recent years.

Some Causes of HaIr Loss In Women

There are certain reasons for hair loss in women. The most common of these are as follows:
  • Menstrual irregularity,
  • Thyroid disorders,
  • Anemia,
  • Ovarian cyst,
  • Malnutrition,
  • Hormonal disorder,
  • Iron deficiency,
Polycystic ovary syndrome etc.

DHI HaIr Transplant TechnIque In Women

DHI method is a very effective method used in hair transplant to be performed on women. In this method, which focuses on the gaps between hairs without damaging the existing hair, the healing process is faster than the traditional hair transplant methods. In this way, people can return to their social life more quickly after hair transplant.

As with other hair transplant methods, general anesthesia is not applied in DHI hair transplant method. Donor and recipient area are numbed by applying local anesthesia to the person. The person is conscious during the operation.

The average duration of DHI hair transplant is 6-8 hours.

In DHI hair transplant, the hair follicles are collected one by one but the channels do not need to be opened. Hair follicles taken are kept in a protective solution for a while to nourish the tissues. After the waiting period, local anesthesia is applied to the area where hair transplant will be performed. In the continuation of the procedure, the hair follicles are implanted one by one into the implant pens according to the thickness of the grafts. Then, the transplant is performed.

HealIng Process In DHI HaIr Transplant Method

After the hair transplant, the hair starts to grow after the first 3 months. The average time required for the implanted hair to complete the process and to be fully grown is 12 months on average. After this period, the hair has the desired look.


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