Yes.  You need to start antibiotic treatment regularly for 15 days after the transplant. Painkiller treatment starts in case of a possible ache.

Yes, blood samples are taken in order to carry out hepatitis tests and a complete blood count (CBC). These procedures are free.

You need a bed rest for 3 days after the operation.

Airport transfers, 3 (three) days accommodation (hotel breakfast included), hospital fees, 30 days medicines, and after-care products (shampoo and lotion) after the transplant

Our operations take approximately 6-8 hours.

We have interpreters working in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese languages.

Yes.  We can apply “Unshaven Hair Transplant” method, however, this method can be applied according to the hair loss pattern. You can find detailed information in the section “Unshaven Hair Transplant”.

Yes, your hair will be shaved.

We apply the FUE method, DHI method, and Sapphire Blade Diamond method.

We extract maximum grafts and implant them. You can contact us about the prices.

4 or 5 operations are carried out in a day in our hospital.

You do not need to pay before the hair transplant.

We have been performing hair transplant operations professionally for 15 (fifteen) years.  Our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Şemsi Bahadır is one of the first doctors carried out hair transplant operation in Istanbul Marmara University hospital.

Experienced and professional hair transplant specialists carry out hair transplant under the supervision of an operator doctor plastic surgeon.