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How is Hair Transplant in Turkey? Having hair transplant have become very popular today. The origin of hair transplant dates back to the 1930s in Japan.

After it meagered, the hair transplant method came to the West, as well. The period that those suffering from baldness choose hair transplant is the last two decades due to the advances in technology. 

Before touching upon the reasons why Turkey must be preferred for hair transplant, we will mention what hair transplant procedure is, how a hair transplant is performed and what frequently asked questions by those considering hair transplant, and later we will touch upon the advantages Turkey provides for hair transplant operation.

How İs Hair Transplant İn Turkey

What is Hair Transplant? 

A hair transplant operation can be summarized that it is an operation of implanting hair roots harvested by an expert doctor from donor area that is genetically coded not to fall out, into the balding or thinning areas in a sterile environment.

Our expert doctor estimates the number of grafts to be harvested and harvests hair root from the donor area which is between two ears.

Each hair root harvested is called graft. After harvesting, each graft is implanted to the balding area one by one. During this process, your hair shape, structure of the hair root and the angle of hair are taken into consideration. 

In the hair transplant operation, your own hair root harvested is implanted to the thinning areas as the most natural and permanent solution for patients suffering from hair loss.

How is Hair Transplant in Turkey?  

There is not just one method of hair transplant surgery. However, two methods are generally used. One of these methods is FUT and other method is FUE method. FUE methods is the mostly preferred method by people who wants to have a hair transplant. In the FUT method, a scalp strip with hair is cut.

Since FUT method damages more comparing to the FUE method, it has ben giving way to FUE method gradually since the beginning of 2000s. FUT method is not used in the clinics that use new technology devices while it is only used in clinics serve with outdated methods.

In FUE hair transplant, hair roots are taken one by one with a cylindrical needle. This method does not cause any damages unlike the other method.

In addition, this method does not leave any scars after the operation. Harvesting hair follicles with suitable needles according to the angle of the natural hair will increase the success of the operation, and it also prevents that patient will be in pain during the operation. It also provides a more natural looking hair growth.

Why should you have Hair Transplant in Turkey?

When you search for hair transplant on the Internet, you will come across with one country frequently. Yes, the name country you frequently see is Turkey.

Turkey is prominent and competitive among its rivals when it comes to hair transplant, aesthetics, liposuction, face lifting, organ transplant, optic and dental health and various fields. Turkey outstands for medical tourism with the devices used, competent personnel, experienced surgeons, hospital and clinics equipped with latest technologies and experience of years.

However, professional doctors and successful operations of hair transplant is not only reason that Turkey is the first country that comes into the mind in hair transplant. There are two main reason that Turkey comes to mind first in hair transplant by international patients.

How is Turkey as a Country for Hair Transplant?

Turkey does not only stand out in health tourism and hair transplant industry but also is one of the most preferred country for vacations. 

When you choose Turkey for hair transplant, you will come to Istanbul which has the highest number of hair transplant center and is a vivid city. 

Istanbul takes place in many movies and TV series and attracts millions of tourists each year. You make the right choice once you travelled to Turkey and Istanbul where you can enjoy the beautiful city, learn about a new culture, taste amazing and delicious Turkish cuisine with your family and friends while having a hair transplant.

You can visit historical places and you can enjoy the music and entertainment in night. You can spend marvelous hours in the unique Bosphorus across the world while enjoying Turkish cuisine.

You can check our packages below in order to have hair transplant with a vacation in Istanbul.

Touristic see sighting

  • Breakfast in Filizler Üsküdar
  • Maiden’s Tower Üsküdar
  • Sultan Ahmet
  • Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Nusret
  • Galata Tower

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