Hair Transplant in Turkey


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Why Is Turkey Preferred for HaIr Transplant?

New technologies and techniques applied in Turkey with successful operations in the field of hair transplant has risen to first place by being the most preferred country in the field around the world.

One of the most important factors that play a role in Turkey becoming a center of attraction for those who want to make hair transplant is being much more economical compared to other countries and achieving great results with the most effective methods.

While transplant procedure in many country is performed with the FUT technique which is the oldest method, the FUE technique which is the most effective and obtains positive results, is usually applied in hair transplant centers in Turkey is applied. The FUT technique, where the scalp in the donor area is cut and transferred to the area to be transplanted, is lacking compared to the FUE technique in terms of many factors such as the results obtained and the healing process. In the FUE technique, in which the most successful results are obtained in the shortest period of time, the hair follicles are taken one by one with the micro motor and implanted one by one into tiny channels on the bald area.

In many countries (Brazil, America, England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Russia…), while applying FUE technique, the price given to patients is given according to the number of hair follicles called grafts. This number varies according to the patient’s bald area. The cost increases as the number of roots to be planted in countries where the price is given according to the number of grafts. In hair transplants at lower prices; for example, when an average of 3000 grafts are required for the recipient area , however, fewer hair follicles (1000-2000 grafts) are transplanted into the patient’s front line than the number actually needed if the person’s financial situation is insufficient. Therefore, unsuccessful and bad results are experienced. In Turkey, the process with maximum number of grafts which will cover, is performed for the patient’s bald areas. The hair root required for the patient’s hair is transplanted and the most successful results are aimed to be obtained. For this reason, the number of grafts in Turkey is not one of the factors which determine the price.

The reason why Turkey is preferred is not only due to the advantageous economically but also due to the experts and doctors in the field of hair transplant. The meticulous work of the people who perform the hair transplant plays a fundamental role in obtaining positive results. This has led Turkey to be preferred more by improving the quality of the procedures applied.

Moreover, people come to Turkey with their families in order to discover beauties of Istanbul and to have hair transplant recently.

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