Hair Transplant Price in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey is quite professional. Well Hair Transplant Price in Turkey? Many people who suffer from hair fall or thinning hair search for a permanent solution for this problem. Hair loss of existing hair can be seen in both men and women.

Hair transplant operation becomes a remedy for those who cannot go out in public because they are ashamed of their hair. Who avoiding looking into mirror, who worry about hair fall and have psychological problems because of it. 

In our previous article, we touched upon the reasons why you should prefer Turkey which is the most preferred country across the world for hair transplant and we introduced Turkey as a country.  We will touch upon factors determining the cost of hair transplants.

The prices of hair transplant in Turkey, price advantages comparing to other countries and extra services besides hair transplant. 

Hair Transplant Price in Turkey

If you decide to have a hair transplant operation, you must search the location where the hair transplant will be taken place. In which conditions hair transplant will be performed and the cost of a hair that you dream of.

  If you choose Turkey for your hair transplant, you make the right decision because hair transplant is conducted with a quite affordable prices and with a very qualified services in Turkey in comparation with hair transplant performed in other countries.

As in every job, there are also various factors that determine the price of hair transplant operation.  When you start to research, you will see that many companies offer you different prices.  The reason behind that is that there are various factors affecting the price. Therefore, you should consider the quality of the service. Experience of doctors and techniques used for hair transplant while you compare the prices.

Important Points to Consider Before Choosing a Hair Transplant Center

If you decided to have a hair transplant in Turkey. You might have questions on hair transplant procedures before having a hair transplant operation and points taking into consideration in hair transplant.

The first thing we can advise you is to choose hair transplant companies that are in the most developed and the biggest city of Turkey, which is Istanbul.  In that way, you can both have a good service and enjoy Istanbul during your accommodation.  In addition, Istanbul is one of the biggest metropoles and a vivid city for 7/24.

You should avoid the companies gives you very low or inconsistent prices. Companies who give very low prices for a hair transplant operation might have issues in terms of health and credibility. Also, companies charging you with very high prices might put you in a difficult position with unnecessary expenses in terms of financing options.

Hair Transplant Price in Turkey 

The competence level of doctors working in the clinic is also quite important because hair transplant has characteristics of a cosmetic procedure. Therefore it is a delicate operation and need expertise. Doctors who are qualified and experience benefits you the most. Please make sure clinics provide a sterilized and hygienic environment.

Hair Transplant Price in Turkey. Hair transplant prices are not fixed. While hair transplant prices can vary from firm to firm, it also constantly varies and depends on people and their needs.

Some factors determining prices of hair transplant:

In many countries giving hair transplant service, price of the operation is determined according to the number of grafts. That is, the number of hair roots that will be implanted. However, hair transplant in Turkey is performed with number of grafts that meets needs of patient while maintaining natural look of donor area and obtaining hair growth of maximum number of hairs. It is no case that extra numbers of grafts cost extra charge in Now Hair Time.

Calculating the number of hair transplant price, the method that will be used for the hair transplant also affects the price. You can constantly find methods that are claimed to be new. However, well-known and commonly used methods and techniques by clinics are given as follows:

  1. FUT method (It is the most outdated method. Advanced clinics do not prefer this method.)
  2. FUE method (It is known as a method without operation and it is the most preferred hair transplant method.)

FUE (follicular unit extraction) method is the most preferred method and gives the most successful results. FUE procedure includes many different techniques. Diamond Sapphire technique, unshaven hair transplant technique and DHI (Direct Hair Implant) techniques are ones of the techniques within the FUE method. You can click here for further information on hair transplant techniques.

Competence and expertise level of doctors also affect price of a hair transplant.  In a clinic where their doctors are demanded highly and requested for an appointed by patients. You should be willing to pay good amount of money. Moreover, success of the operation is directly depended on the expertise of doctor. Thus, you ought to choose a clinic that works with experienced and qualified doctors if you consider having a hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Price in Turkey 

Having a hair transplant surgery in Turkey is much more affordable when it is compared to other countries. You can afford easily not only price of your hair transplant operation but also you can afford the expenses of sightseeing and shopping easily because prices in Turkey is quite affordable.

Moreover, Now Hair Time provides you fixed prices for maximum graft number. Thus, we do not charge you with an extra fee according to size of the balding or thinning area and the number of grafts being implanted.

Beside price advantages, Turkish doctors are the best doctors in their expertise in the field of hair transplant in the world.

Clinics that serves in this sector for very long time organize the whole process such as arrival of the country. The experience patient will have in Turkey, the process of hair transplant and lastly process of returning their homes. You can enjoy and sightsee Istanbul during the hair transplant process.

For further information on hair transplant and our prices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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