Incrustation After Hair Transplant

What is Incrustation After Hair Transplant? What Causes Incrusting after Hair Transplant? There may be some conditions after hair transplant. After the hair transplant procedure, itching may be seen in addition to redness and swelling. But there is nothing to worry about in this case. Incrusting after hair transplant can be seen in everyone.
On the 10th day following the hair transplant, scabs are shed. On the 10th day, the function of the tissues to hold and nourish the roots is completed.

These tissues are now dead and need to be cleaned from the head. On the 10th day all of the dead tissues are completely cleaned by rubbing from top to down with a clean gauze bandage or napkin. At this stage, hair can come out from the head, this is very normal and there is no such thing as the falling of hair follicles. The process of holding the roots is 72 hours, after 72 hours it is impossible for the roots to come out of place unless there is a big and strong damage. After 10 days, patient can return to normal life before hair transplant.

Incrustation after Hair Transplant | What Causes Incrusting after Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in hair transplant is a method that the channels are opened in order to implant harvested hair follicles. Bleeding may occur in areas where roots will be placed. This bleeding is small. And everyone experience it. Bleeding hair roots dries over time, and scab formation happens.

Washing after Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant, the scalp is washed after three days following the hair transplant. Special lotions used in the washing process in order to reduce scabs. After the hair transplant, the patient should pay attention to washing due to the incrusting. Person can overcome incrustation n a short time if they pay attention to washing. After the operation, the person should wash the scalp as recommended by the doctor. This will reduce the feeling of itching on the skin.

How does the Scabs Heal after Hair Transplant?

After the hair transplant, the scalp should be gently rinsed with lukewarm water using the lotions recommended by the doctor for the removal of scabs. The scalp should never be washed hard. Washing with gentle movements does not damage the hair follicle, on the contrary it increases blood circulation and the hair follicles are fed better. It is very important in the post-care process. The person should never use hard towels. The towel used to dry must be soft. The scabbing of the hair is slowly shed 10-15 days after hair transplant.

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