Incrustation after Hair Transplant Now Hair Time

Incrustation After Hair Transplant

What is Incrustation After Hair Transplant? What Causes Incrusting after Hair Transplant? There may be some conditions after hair transplant. After the hair transplant procedure, itching may be seen in addition to redness and swelling. But there is nothing to worry about in this case. Incrusting after hair transplant can be seen in everyone. On...

Hair Washing after Hair Transplant Now Hair Time

Hair Washing after Hair Transplant

Hair Washing after Hair Transplant has an important role in order to get successful results from hair transplant. Especially after the first week of hair transplant operation, you should be very careful. The care taken into consideration to get new hair increases the healing process after the procedure. Hair was after the hair transplant should...

Side Effects of Hair Transplant | now hair time

What are the Side Effects of Hair Transplant?

Turkey is believed to be the number one destination for hair transplant. However, side effects of a hair transplant are being considered by those who want hair transplant. So, What are the side effects of hair transplant? There are a few factors to be taken into consideration when it comes to hair transplant. If...