Things to Consider after Hair Transplant

• The setting time of the roots transplanted in the area after hair transplant takes 72 hours. The area implanted should be carefully protected against impact and hitting for at least 3 days. At the same time, the planting area should not be touched and itched.

• T-shirts and sweaters with a narrow neckline that may damage the harvested area should not be worn after hair transplant. Shirts or buttoned clothes should be preferred.

• In order to prevent the liquid injected into the scalp during the hair transplant from coming down to the face and to reduce the formation of edema, ice should be applied to the forehead regularly for 3 days.

• Patient should rest in bed on an angle of 45 degrees for 3 days after the operation, and patient should not be lying on the right, left and face down during this period.

• In situations that require leaning over the ground (for example, shoe lacing, toilet needs, etc.), patient should not lean forward, instead, patient should kneel down.

• Drink plenty of water, especially during the first 3 days.

• Acidic, alcoholic and caffeine-containing drinks should not be consumed for 1 week after hair transplant.

• The patient should wash his hair one hour before sleeping each evening as shown to the patient for one week following the first wash.

• Incrusts and scabs formed after hair transplant should be cleaned as indicated in our clinic after 10 days.

• It is forbidden to swim in sea or pool, go sauna for 30 days after hair transplant. At the same time, sports should not be done for 30 days.

• It is forbidden to shave with a razor and machine for 6 months after hair transplant. Instead, scissors should be used.

• In case of hair transplant in the summer, patient should not be exposed to sun between 12:00 and 17:00 when the sun rays fall vertically.

• It is forbidden to wear hats for 10 days after hair transplant.

• Itching occurs starting from the 10th day following the operation in both recipient and donor area. This is an indication that the wound has healed, therefore, it should never be scratched using your nail.

• If the patient has a habit of smoking, this should be stopped after hair transplant.

• Sexual intercourse should not be allowed for 1 week after hair transplant.

• Medication given as treatment after hair transplant should be used regularly within the given period.

• Travel can be done 3 days after hair transplant.

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