How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Today, many people have hair loss and baldness problems. The most permanent solution to this problem is a hair transplant. Hair transplant is done by transplanting strong hair roots to the area where people experience hair loss or baldness. The reasons for hair loss in people may differ. These reasons are generally;

  • Genetic factors
  • Hormonal factors
  • Excessive stress
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Irregular and unhealthy nutrition
  • Hair development disorders

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Common causes of hair loss areas mentioned above. Genetic factors and hormonal factors are the most common causes of hair loss. As there are different reasons for hair loss, there are different methods of hair transplant, as well. To apply hair transplant to people, a person must have experience permanent hair loss. Some hair loss is not permanent. For example, hair transplant is not performed in seasonal hair loss, as new hair will come out after this type of hair loss. The main purpose of the hair transplant process is to replace the hair that will not grow again and give the person a natural look.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Studies in the field of hair transplants have been carried out for many years. When the hair transplant operation was first applied, the success was quite low. But thanks to the development of technology and methods, nearly 100% success has been achieved in this field. People who want to have a hair transplant should choose professional hair transplant centers to achieve more than 80% success. If the person chooses the hair transplant center incorrectly, they will suffer financially and psychologically. Therefore, all people who want to have a hair transplant should do good research and prefer successful and reliable hair transplant centers in their field. There are some steps to be followed for a professional hair transplant. These stages are;

  • Consultation
  • Providing the necessary conditions for hair transplant
  • Creating the operation schedule for the person who will have the hair transplant

Firstly, it is determined whether the person who will have a hair transplant is suitable for a hair transplant. At this stage, it is examined whether the person has any diseases. If the individual has a chronic illness, a person needs to get permission from the doctor.

Fue Hair Transplant Cost

People using medicine are reported and examined. Another issue to be considered in the consultation stage is whether the person’s donor area is suitable. In a hair transplant, strong hair roots are usually harvested from the area between the two ears. Hair follicles harvested are transplanted to the desired area.

The areas between the two ears and where the hair roots will be harvested are called donor areas. Hair transplants cannot be performed if donor areas are not suitable because strong hair follicles cannot be harvested from these regions. If the hair follicles harvested are not strong and healthy, the operation will fail.

If the person approves a hair transplant after the consultation stage, the necessary conditions are provided for the operation and the personal hair transplant chart is created. There are some factors that the person should be aware of before the operation. These factors are as follows;

  • Smoking should be stopped 1 week before the operation.
  • Alcohol should be stopped 1 week before the operation.
  • Coffee, green tea, or any caffeine should not be consumed 1 week before the operation.
  • Medicine used 1 week before the operation should be discontinued.
  • Hair should be washed before coming to the operation, but no chemicals should be used.
  • The person should not be hungry before the operation.
  • When coming to the operation, clothes that can be easily put on and taken off should be preferred.
  • They should not use vehicles after the operation.

People who will have a hair transplant should comply with the above-mentioned items before the operation. Smoking, alcohol, coffee, caffeine, green tea, aspirin, and vitamin should be stopped one week before the operation date. If the person continues to use them, there will be problems in the recovery process after a hair transplant. People must wash their hair when coming to the operation. Products such as cream or spray should not be used after washing, hair should be clean.

Turkey Hair Transplant Cost

The person should not be hungry before the operation. Something must be eaten depending on the operation time. At the same time, clothes with narrow necks should never be preferred. Clothing that will not touch the transplant area should be preferred after the operation.

They should not use any vehicle after the operation and special pillows should be preferred for travel. If the hair transplant area touches somewhere, the hair roots can move and the operation will fail. Just as there are rules to be considered before a hair transplant, there are also rules to be considered after a hair transplant. The rules to be considered on the advice of the experts are as follows;

  • The person should spend their time at home for a while.
  • In case of pain, medication should be taken with expert advice.
  • The hair transplant area should be protected and should not be contacted with any surface.
  • The hair transplant area should not be touched and never be scratched.
  • Daily liquid consumption should be increased.
  • You should eat healthily and regularly, stop smoking and alcohol use.
  • It should be protected from sun and heat.
  • The washing process should be carried out under the control of a specialist.
  • While sleeping or sitting, you should pay attention to the area of ​​hair transplant.
  • If you are going to do sports, light walking should be preferred.
  • Haircuts and dyeing processes should not be carried out for the first two weeks.
  • İncrustations will begin to form after the first week. It should not touch the incrustations, and it should be expected to be shed by itself spontaneously.

People who have hair transplants should stay at home if they can spend their first week at home. Going outside of the home and being on the move can make this process difficult. The hair transplant center will regularly keep in touch with the person and will follow the process closely. In this process, the specialist who operates will determine the medical dressing arrangement, the medication to be used, and the frequency of hair washing.

The hair transplant area should be protected. The person must protect the area. The person should not touch there and avoid any contact while wearing clothes, sleeping, traveling, and when hair follicles itch. People who have hair transplants should pay attention to nutrition in the first month.

Healthy foods should be consumed. You should give importance to fluid consumption and reduce cigarette and alcohol consumption as much as possible. If people want to continue smoking, they should try to smoke every three days. The recipient area should be protected from sun and heat. Hot weather will cause itching of the hair follicles. Hair transplant should never be scratched. Heavy sports should not be done and light-paced walking should be preferred. No haircuts, hair coloring, or any process to the hair should be applied for the first two weeks after transplant.

Cost of Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair should be protected and rested for the first two weeks. Incrustation on the scalp will begin one week after hair transplant. These scabs need to be shed by themselves. During this process, the skin should not be touched. Your hair washing process is done at the hair transplant center for a while and after the process is completed, you can wash at home upon expert advice.

After two months after hair transplant, you can return to your own regular life and gradually start doing heavy sports. After the first month, you can wash your hair with your shampoo. Now that the hair roots are located under the skin, they will develop more easily after this process. After a month, hair follicles begin to show. Shock hair loss may occur between 1-2 months. It’s normal. The hair is fallen out and new hair is replaced. A clear result of hair transplant becomes explicit at the end of the first year. Therefore, people who have hair transplants should not be panicked.

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

Professional hair transplant centers always act by the plan and program for the operation. As a Now Hair Time family, we always carry out works special to each person in line with the plan and program. Today, the latest technology systems are used for hair transplants. To be successful in hair transplant, the health of people is not at risk, and in the best evaluation of the hair transplant process, we also carry out professional work in our center. The stages of the hair transplant operation are as follows;

  • Hairline is determined
  • Hair gets ready for operation
  • Local anesthesia is applied
  • Hair follicles are harvested
  • Channels are opened
  • Hair roots are placed into the channels
  • The medical dressing is done

Determining the hairline is one of the most important stages. The hairline is determined to make the hair look natural. If there is any mistake in the hairline, the natural image cannot be obtained after a hair transplant. Therefore, there should be no mistake in determining the hairline. For the method that will be used for hair transplant, the haircut is done by that method. After shaving, the hair and skin are cleaned and get ready for operation.

A special anesthesia pen is used in the local anesthesia stage. After the anesthesia procedure, the hair follicles are harvested one by one with the help of a micro motor. The separated hair follicles are placed in glass containers with a sterile solution. The expert at the beginning of the operation determines how the hair follicles are placed into the recipient area.

After the hair follicles are harvested from the donor area, the channel opening process begins. Channels with the desired thickness are opened using special pens. Hair follicles are placed into the channels one by one. The medical dressing is done after the hair follicles are placed into the channels.

Different methods are used for hair transplants. These methods used vary depending on the people. The reason for the hair loss is determined, the type of hair loss is determined and the hair transplant is done with the most appropriate method to the person. The most preferred and applied techniques are as follows;

In the Sapphire FUE technique used in hair transplant, special pencils with FUE Sapphire tips are used. It is placed into channels that are wide and suitable for hair follicles harvested from the donor area. It is one of the most preferred methods of recent times. It came to the forefront thanks to the special pen used during the process. Thanks to the technique used, the healing process of the person is accelerated and a more natural look is obtained.

Thanks to this technique applied in hair transplant, the hair follicles harvested from the donor area are placed into the channels in the most appropriate way and a successful result is obtained. Since the Sapphire FUE technique will not use incisions, there will be no scars. Thus, the opened channels provide healing in a shorter time. The width of the pen tips used in the Sapphire FUE technique with a length of 5 mm is as follows;

  • 0 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 7 mm
  • 2 mm

The reason for using the pencil in different widths is to open the channels that are suitable for the width of the hair follicles harvested. Another method preferred for hair transplant is the DHI technique. DHI hair transplant is mostly preferred in the sector thanks to its advantages in recent years. Thanks to this technique, people with thinning hair are provided with natural hair.

cost of hair transplant

The gaps between the hairs are covered without damaging the existing hair. In hair transplant procedures where the DHI technique is applied, the person can return to their life in a much shorter time. Computer-aided hair examination is carried out before the hair transplant procedure with this technique. In the examination, the following elements are evaluated;

  • Hair structure
  • Hair quality
  • Hair loss potential
  • Hair root density in the donor area
  • Number of hair follicles to be implanted

After the evaluation, the expert team creates the operation schedule. DHI hair transplant process has no incisions, stitches, or scars. Disposable pens are preferred in the applied technique. Thanks to these special pens, the health of people is kept under control. In the first five days of hair transplant, the phase of incrustation and hair fall begins.

At the end of the 15th day, the shock hair loss begins. At this stage, the hair of the person begins to fall out and the loss stops by slowing down. After 3 months following a hair transplant, it can be observed that new hair is growing. Towards the end of the 6th month, almost 50% of the hair starts to grow.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

By the end of the year, the transplanted hair has grown. The classical FUE technique is one of the oldest known methods. In this preferred technique, the hair follicles in the person are harvested with the help of a micro motor. This method is used in people with male pattern hair loss. FUE technique, which is seen as the technique with the highest success rate, is also the most comfortable hair transplant technique.

During the operation, the person feels comfortable and does not feel any pain. If the FUE technique is used in people experiencing hair loss, over 95% success is achieved. In the FUE technique, which offers almost the exact solution, new hair starts to grow in 5-6 months. The person who has a hair transplant can wash their hair 36 hours after the operation.

Different methods are used for hair transplants. The reason for using different methods is that people need hair transplants for different reasons. What is the reason for hair loss, how is the hair structure of the person, how to get natural hair are among the reasons?

Now Hair Time, Hair Transplant Cost

As the Now Hair Time family, acting in this direction, we are making hair transplant that is special to each person. In hair transplant operations, haircuts are not performed in some cases, while in other cases haircuts are performed. These shaven and unshaven processes include the shaven FUE technique and unshaven hair transplant.

In the shaven FUE technique, the entire hair of the person is shaved. Hair loss in people occurs regionally or in general. Unshaven hair transplant is used only for those who want to shrink the forehead and those who want to close the open areas in the front lines.

The number of people applying for hair transplants is increasing day by day. There is a big difference between five years ago and today. The development of technology, introducing new techniques to the industry, achieving nearly 100% success, trusting people in this sector, and so on are now available in the field of hair transplant.

As a Now Hair Time family, we are doing hair transplants with our professional staff. The latest technology devices we use, special systems, the measures we take, and the bond we establish with people… As a hair transplant center, we take care to fulfill our duty properly.

Hair loss and baldness are frequently seen in women and men are now coming to an end. Hair transplant, which is the definitive solution for hair loss, is carried out by our team with nearly 100% success. The professional team always acts by the plan and program.

First of all, the person who wants to have a hair transplant is recognized, the hair structure of the person is examined under special conditions. There are dozens of people who apply for hair transplants in our country as well as around the world. At Now Hair Time, we communicate with these people and help them control the process as much as possible. In general, prices in the field of hair transplant change as follows;

  • Method to be applied for hair transplant
  • Hair density in the area to be implanted

Different methods are preferred for hair transplants. These methods are determined according to the person. Hair in the recipient area is examined. The density of hair in the recipient area is also important. Changes in hair transplant method prices will also lead to changes in hair transplant. So, what is the price of a hair transplant?

The price of a hair transplant varies according to the quality of the hair transplant center. It can be said that hair transplant clinics, which are experienced, have a high success rate, and serve in a hospital environment with their expert team, are higher than others. There are also special packages created for patients coming from abroad or from outside the city. The prices of these packages, which include services such as hotels, transfers, and sightseeing, are higher than others.

The best way to get a hair transplant price is to contact the hair transplant center you have decided on. Hair analysis is made for the person after a one-to-one or online interview. After the analysis, the patient is offered a price quote.

Are our hair transplant centers serving in Istanbul always serving at high prices? Many centers make hair transplants in Istanbul. However, the important thing is to find the right-center among these centers. The features of the right hair transplant center should be as follows;

  • Staff with team spirit
  • High-security measures
  • Affordable service
  • Quality, reliable, healthy, and effective hair transplant process
  • Professional staff

At Now Hair Time, we carry out reliable, quality, healthy and successful hair transplant operations in Istanbul. Thanks to the measures we take, we do not leave our employees or patients in a difficult situation. As Now Hair Time, we have carried out successful works with our professional staff until today and we will continue to serve with the same success from now on. When you look at the hair transplant sector, you realize that the prices are high. So, are each of the high-priced hair transplant techniques reliable and high quality?

Your preferred hair transplant center should have made the right decision for you and performed the most suitable operation for you. When you examine the price, it is seen that our center provides services at the right prices. People who want to have a hair transplant think about where to have a hair transplant after resolving the price issue. Hair transplant, which is preferred by people, must be done by a professional team. As Now Hair Time, we will continue to carry out our work in this area by taking all necessary precautions.

hair transplant cost

People who want to have a hair transplant remain undecided about the season when they should have a hair transplant. However, there is no specific season for hair transplants. Hair transplants can be done in all seasons. As the Now Hair Time family, we continue to offer you the most accurate price offers with our expert staff. Our expert staff works meticulously to make your hair transplant operation the most successful. If you encounter any problems in the service we provide, our solution-oriented patient representatives and managers will work to solve your problem by doing the necessary work.

Our work plan as Now Hair Time family is as follows;

  • We welcome you at the airport.
  • We provide your hotel and hospital transfer.
  • We offer accommodation in Istanbul during the process.
  • We provide continuous support during your stay in Istanbul
  • We provide services for foreign patients with our translators.

As a successful company in the sector, we welcome our patients from abroad or from the city at the airport. During the period of hair transplant, 5-star accommodation in Istanbul is offered to you.

Our expert team is actively working 24/7 in line with your needs. We offer translator support for guests from abroad. It is fun to find many possibilities together and present them to you.

If you are having hair loss and baldness problems, you can contact 24/7 our hair transplant center. After the communication, our patient representatives will make the necessary guidance.

As Now Hair Time, we offer economic prices to our patients with appropriate hair transplant fees by doing our part for people to have healthy and natural hair. You can also visit our clinic for hair transplant prices, you can benefit from hair transplant procedures by protecting your health.

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