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Many men who have problems with their hair and have lost their self-confidence due to hair loss are searching for hair transplant operations. People who carry out their research with great devotion reach different hair transplant methods. When you decide to have a hair transplant, there are many hair transplant methods that you may encounter. One of these hair transplant methods is DHI Hair Transplant. DHI Hair transplant, which stands for Direct Hair Implantation, is among the developments that have been introduced in the field of hair transplant in recent years.

Differences Between DHI Hair Transplant And Other Methods

It is necessary to define the Direct Hair Implantation process differently than other methods. Understanding this depends on understanding the differences between FUT and FUE. In the FUT hair transplant method, there are hair follicles located at the back of the scalp with hair. Tissue strips are found here, removed from the donor area and strips are implanted into the recipient area as a donor. Compared to the FUT method, FUE hair transplant methods do not use any incision tools or incision structures. In FUE hair transplant, a punch tool is used to extract the grafts one by one as we call them follicle units, and then the extracted follicles are implanted into the recipient areas. So, in what method is DHI hair transplant performed?

There is a fundamental difference in the DHI hair transplant procedure performed in the FUE hair transplant method. This difference is directly related to the way the hair is transplanted. One of the features that should be known is that a DHI hair transplant is performed with a patented tool and every donor graft is placed into this pen to be transplanted into the recipient area without the need for an incision. During this procedure, haircutting systems called robotics also can be applied and this system determines the depth and angle for each hair follicle. These processes are also included in the field of hair transplant as robotic follicular unit extraction.


Are You A Good Candidate For DHI Hair Transplant?

As in all transplant methods, the conditions of suitability are sought in DHI Hair transplant procedures. As the Now Hair Time team, we examine your suitability for DHI hair transplant and make treatment plans in line with your wishes and help you choose the best transplant method for yourself. You can find the criteria for being a good candidate for DHI Hair transplant below:

  • In this technique, the donor's hair is taken from different regions in the head area of ​​the patient who will have a hair transplant compared to other methods. These donors are taken according to hair covering and the density level is higher than others.
  • Many patients who experience hair loss in a single area are known to be suitable for the DHI hair transplant technique. The reason for this is that it provides a very high and intense hair transplant for the use of the DHI technique.
  • There is an age limit in the DHI technique and this technique is applied to patients of age 18 and above.
  • This technique can be applied to straight hair. In some cases, this may vary and it has been observed that transplants can be used with the same comfort in thin and curly hair types.

How Does Hair Transplant Work In Women Who Want The DHI Technique?

This technique can be performed not only in men but also in women. The image of the hair plays an important role in this process rather than gender. While hair loss is not only a problem for men around the world, it is also observed in women. For women, some cosmetic products are not a permanent solution for a better appearance. Hair transplant with the DHI technique should be used to obtain a permanent solution.

Step-By-Step Hair Transplant Using The DHI Technique

  • The first stage is known as the preparation stage and the doctor performs hair analysis on the patient. In the last stages of this preparation stage, a decision is made on the technique according to the state of the analysis made by the doctor and in line with the wishes of the patient.
  • The second stage is known as the stage where local anesthesia will be applied. This stage is completed in about five minutes. During this period, the patient’s preparations for surgery also begin.
  • In the third stage, grafts are collected from determined areas and the extracted graft is placed into the DHI pen. The grafts are taken from the donor area where grafts can be harvested and then the transplant process begins.
  • In the last stage, hair follicles are transplanted into recipient areas. At this stage, fine work is applied by the doctor and tiny channels are opened in the areas that are determined previously on the scalp and the follicles are implanted into the channels. After this stage, the DHI hair transplant is completed.

Recovery Phase After DHI Method

Hair transplant is performed using the DHI technique. The biggest advantage of DHI hair transplant compared to other methods is the faster recovery phase and this technique is usually preferred by patients due to the fast recovery. Shedding of the small crusts on the skin takes up to a week. Shock hair loss after the hair transplant takes approximately three weeks. This process is deemed a “normal process” by doctors.

At this point, it is a very important step that the patients do not panic and listen to the doctor’s instructions. Hair transplant is one of the areas where the patience level should be the highest compared to other medical procedures. It takes three months for the hair to start growing. In the next three months, the hair growth process will begin.

Method Advantages Of The DHI Hair Transplant

  • This technique provides a healthier transplant of the hair tissue compared to other techniques.
  • There is absolutely no need for incision in this treatment method.
  • It is a method in which the control is at the highest level in terms of the depth, angle, and direction of the hair follicles.
  • Risks are minimal in this method.

Who is a Good Candidate for a DHI Hair transplant?

Any candidate who is exposed to a severe act of hair loss can apply for the DHI Hair Transplant method. Any person who has had hair loss for a long time and who has recently experienced severe hair fall can contact Now Hair Time and make an appointment if they want to have a hair transplant.

Method Advantages of the DHI Hair Transplant

Some necessary factors affect the prices in this method. Prices for DHI hair transplants may vary according to different factors.

Graft Element

Different procedures can be applied to the grafts according to your hair density. As with other hair transplant methods, the most important issue that may affect the price of this procedure is the number of grafts.

The more grafts to be transplanted into the recipient area, the higher price will be.

Doctor Element

At Now Hair Time, we work with all our strength to give you the best experience.

Our success rate shows that Now Hair Time provides the best service in the market compared to other companies in Turkey. Since DHI is a new technique, the number of operation teams that can do this is still very limited. Now Hair Time team aims to give you the best service with the expertise of their surgeons in this field.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Now Hair Time answers the questions frequently asked by you. For more, please visit FAQ page on our website.
Should I Shave My Hair?

Before the treatment, patient should not shave their own hair and shaving must be done by our medical team.

When Will I Return To My Routine?

You can return to work, school or anything you want the next day after all the procedures are completed. You can start to do many different activities after a week following the operation.

How Long Does Results Of The Operation Take To Be Obtained?

One of the most frequently asked questions on hair transplant is the duration of their hair growth. It will be possible to see the results of the operation in about three to six months. In most cases, it can take up to a year.

Is DHI Hair Transplant Method Only Suitable For Men?

No, these procedures can also be applied to women.

When Can I Return To My Exercise Routine After Hair Transplant?

You can start doing sports and exercise within two to three weeks after the procedure.

Is DHI Hair Transplant Safe?

As in all operations, there are risks and side effects in this hair transplant method. You will not have a vital problem, however, there may be events such as infection, scars, bleeding as side effects.

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