Unshaven Hair Transplant
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FUE method, which is seen as the most effective method in hair transplant, has various applications depending on the type of hair loss. One of them is Unshaven Hair Transplant applied in cases of hair loss occurring in the front lines. In this method, the area to be implanted is not cut and shaved.


Unshaven hair transplant is applied only to people’s bald areas in certain wide areas (top or front line) or to people with genetically forehead receding and unshaven hair transplant is to perform the hair without shaving, unlike the classical FUE method. In the classical FUE method, the hair of the patient to be transplanted is completely shaved. In the unshaven hair transplant method, the back of the head region between the two ears is shaved, which we call as the donor area where hair roots will be taken. After shaving the donor area, the channels are opened under local anesthesia.

Then, with the FUE method, the hair follicles are transplanted into the area with baldness one by one. We recommend opening the channels on the front line area with Sapphire tip especially in these operations. Sapphire tips reduce healing time compared to metal slits and support the transplanted hair to get a more natural look.

Especially in unshaven hair transplant, people with long hair have more advantages, and the donor area where the hair follicles are taken is covered with the long hair because the hair hides the donor area.

People who have hair loss problems in the inner and top areas should definitely perform hair transplant with the classical FUE and Sapphire FUE technique, in which the entire hair is shaved.

The process of medical dressing, hair washing and treatment in unshaven hair transplant is the same as in classical hair transplant.

Narrowing Your Forehead With Unshaven Hair Transplant

This method, which is generally used in the hair fall on the front lines, has recently become popular under the name “forehead narrowing” or “forehead reduction”.

Unshaven Hair Transplant method is used in the narrowing of the forehead for people with congenital forehead receding.

Today, many women who are discomfort by the forehead width benefit from this technique to narrow their forehead.

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