There used many different techniques from the past to the present in a hair transplant operation. Firstly, Hair transplant methods have started with the FUT technique. We’ve also followed another technique such as
What Does Graft Mean?The graft is a tissue (skin, hair, or organ) that does not have its blood circulation, which is moved from one place to another in surgical operations. The process of taking this tissue from one pl
As before any surgical operation, laboratory tests are carried out to detect infectious diseases such as viral hepatitis types and HIV-related AIDS before hair transplant. Let's try to find answers to questions such as w
The most common term you encounter while researching hair transplant must be GRAFT. Since most of the hair transplant clinics and centers charge per the number of grafts, you often hear concepts such as the number of gra
Hair loss and baldness is an important problem that many people experience for a long time and has been trying to be correct for a long time due to aesthetic concerns. Most people try to hide this situation with certain
Hair loss in women and men can cause baldness. Many methods have been used for a permanent solution to hair loss for years. While shampoos, creams, serums, etc. are used to stop hair loss, the most effective method is ha
Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that requires professionalism, became very popular in our era. Hair transplant operation, which is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures today, can be applied to many peop
FUE hair transplant has emerged from the aesthetic concerns of today’s people and their desire for a healthy life. Since the FUE hair transplant method which has been implemented since the early 2000s, has many advantage
It is a direct hair transplant method that is treated with an implanter. It is also known as unshaven hair transplantation. Although it is based on the FUE technique, there is a big difference between them.FUE vs DHIThe
The most accurate and right solution for people who experience hair loss is a hair transplant. The hair transplant process, which promises a natural appearance, is preferred more and more. With the increase in hair trans
For adults, daily hair loss varying from 100 to 150 hairs is considered normal. Those who have hair loss that is more than these numbers per day face hair loss problems.There are some general causes of hair loss although

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