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The biggest trends of recent years which are growing and styling a mustache, have increased considerably. For people who need to grow a mustache, consult professional surgeons. Mustache transplant is also developed considerably in Turkey and it is also known as an operation carried out by experts. Men who desire to grow a mustache, want to obtain more information on the topic and contact mustache transplant centers. Mustache became a fashion symbol and has emerged as a great need for men to feel better about their appearance. Now Hair Time does not only serve as a hair transplant but also performs facial hair transplant operations with great care in order to meet the need for facial hair growth of men.

Men who have a deformed mustache area or do not have sufficient fullness in the mustache area, apply to natural medicine treatments in the first place, however, they contact expert surgeons and get information when they cannot have efficiency from natural treatments. If they feel ready for the mustache transplant operation after being informed of the operation, they want to have the operation in our private Brand in Istanbul.


For the mustache transplant team, you can contact Now Hair Time and can start to have the mustache transplant operation under the supervision of Specialist Op. Dr. Bahadır İmer. All of our mustache transplants offer a completely guaranteed service and our team performs the operations with great care to achieve the look you desire. While hair transplant companies benefit from different techniques, we ensure that we, as the Now Hair Time team, will offer you the best service based on our experience and competence in the field. We use different methods in mustache transplants performed by our respected and highly trained surgeons.

Methods Used In Mustache Transplant

  • Hair transplant methods with FUT technologies used in many transplants called follicular unit transplant
  • Hair transplant methods with FUE technologies used in many transplants called follicular unit extraction

These procedures are performed meticulously by our expert surgeons. These procedures are carried out at much more affordable rates and as the Now Hair Time team, we serve you with better and higher quality service standards.

Good Candidates For Mustache Transplant

  • Those growing an irregular and patchy mustache
  • Those with no hair in the mustache area
  • Those who have a mustache but want a different mustache, For example, those who want a long and thick mustache.

According to your suitability for mustache transplant treatment, we perform a consultation session. During this session, the decision is made by evaluating the conditions for mustache transplant and the necessary procedures.

Now Hair Time which has proven itself in the field of mustache hair transplant in Turkey begins the process after the free consultation that is provided to you by our team. In the next stages, which will progress in line with your wishes and needs, your mustache shape will be decided and the procedure will continue with great care in line with your approval.

Hair growth cycles in your face type will be analyzed and photographed. Then, a general evaluation will be made when your growth pattern is revealed. In line with your wishes, we will take the first steps for a very different mustache appearance and carry out the mustache transplant plan for you.

Procedures For Mustache Transplant Operation In Turkey

We can assure you that we will be in constant communication with you in your mustache transplant procedures in Istanbul and that we will work with our usual strength to have the best experience.

During your stay in Turkey, your personal translator will facilitate your process and inform you about operation details at every moment and quick communication will be provided when you need it.

You can achieve the appearance of your dreams and improve your self-confidence. As Now Hair Time, we will explain every detail from the mustache transplant stages to the post-care process and deliver them with documents. In order to meet your needs and answer your questions, you can make a reservation on our website or contact our customer service in an instant.

Post care after Mustache Transplant

Mustache transplant is a process that requires extreme care. For this reason, it is recommended to be done only by experts.

Even though there are no permanent marks in the area where beard and mustache are implanted, rashes may occur for a few weeks.

While this is natural, it can regain its former appearance after approximately 2 weeks. It is strictly forbidden to shave with a razor for the first 6 months after mustache and beard transplant.

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