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When it comes to hair transplants, it immediately comes to mind that hair transplant is done for men. Hair loss is experienced by many men worldwide however, hair loss is not only experienced by men but also by women. Women need hair transplant treatment and consult experts to have better-looking hair. Although these procedures are very popular with men, the number of women who want to benefit from this service has increased in recent years and they have been consulting to Now Hair Time specialists in order to achieve better hair and appearance.

Women who want a better appearance are searching for hair transplant treatments and whether the treatment for men is also suitable for women.

Are Women Good Candidates For Hair Transplant?

As it is known, not every man can benefit from hair transplant treatment, and this also applies to women. Typically, the hair loss experienced by women is not seen as suitable for hair transplant. Different experts are needed to understand the main reason for hair loss that is constantly experienced in women. After understanding the main cause of this hair loss, which is called a dermatological opinion, treatment procedures are started if the female hair type is suitable.

Good Candidates Suitable For Female Hair Transplant

  • High hairlines
  • Those with male-type hair loss

If a person meets at least one of the factors listed in the above items, she can benefit from professional solutions in terms of hair transplant.

If it is not the case of a serious illness, the loss of all their hair in women is one of the events seen very rarely. In this process, many people who want female hair transplant, desire to improve their appearance and hair.


How Are The Hair Transplant Procedures Carried Out İn Women?

Women who want to change their appearance in a better shape, need two hair restoration techniques in their hair transplant procedures. These are the FUE and FUTmethod needed in male hair transplant treatments. to give a few information about the FUE method, this treatment method does not require shaving the hair. In this process, the patient decides about the operation. Well, how do these processes proceed step by step?

  • DONOR EXTRACTION: According to one of the treatment methods, the hair taken from the donor area is extracted one by one in the FUE method or a different procedure can be applied in other methods.
  • SURGICAL INCISIONS: The incision will be made regardless of the treatment methods you want.
  • IMPLANTATION: The hair from the donor areas to be taken according to the treatment is placed one by one with great devotion and fine movements. These procedures are applied in the same way in both treatment methods.

Who İs Suitable For Female Hair Transplant?

With the advancing technology, women want to benefit from many advantages and they have many procedures done in order to look better. While performing these procedures, it is necessary to pay attention to many areas and it is necessary to know that there will be no return from a wrong procedure. For women who have a common hair loss, female hair transplant treatment is definitely not suitable. To meet an ideal candidate requirement, you must have specific needs.

At this point, many candidates who want to have a female hair transplant can contact Now Hair Time and find out whether their hair is suitable for this treatment. People who may also need face-to-face consultation procedures to understand the cause of hair loss should investigate and examine these procedures well.

Some of the female candidates have larger foreheads than other women. At this point, female candidates are uncomfortable with their hairlines and they need to reduce their hairlines. In some women candidates, the hairline is decreased due to large forehead and they can receive service from a professional team serving Now Hair Time in Turkey.

How Much Does Female Hair Transplant Cost?

Since hair transplant treatment is a job that requires greater devotion and meticulousness compared to other treatments, the prices reach a serious number. This is said as the reason for most women to give up when faced with the costs after searching for hair transplant treatment.

Due to the development of hair transplants around the world and many people who need hair transplants, the cost of hair transplant treatment decreased in Turkey. Turkey has improved a lot in the field of hair transplant and people from all around the world have entrusted themselves to Turkish doctors.

Many things are included in the main price in the service to be provided in the treatment of female hair transplant A professional experience is provided during this process. Considering the high success rates of the operations performed by the Now Hair Time team, it can be said that translation rates are quite affordable. The best investments people make are known as the investments they make in themselves. Many women, on the other hand, see the investments they will make in themselves as logical investments and understand that hair transplant operation has permanent results.

As the Now Hair Time team, we help you in many processes and you can have a detailed report by our hair transplant surgeons by sending us pictures of your hair through the contact information on our website in order to find out whether you are suitable for hair transplant treatment.

Duration Of Female Hair Transplant Treatment

Compared to male hair transplant treatment, female hair treatments progress is performed a little faster. As a result of the baldness problem seen in a larger area in the majority of men, the number of hairs to be taken from the nape area or body parts is very limited. In women, there is a very large donor area and this provides a great advantage in hair transplant procedures to be performed by hair transplant specialists.

In male hair transplant treatments, a wide and healthy shave is required for the hairs in the entire head. In a female hair transplant, this happens in a very different way and there is no need to cut any hair strands in the treatment procedures to be performed with the FUE method. If you have big problems with your hair and you lose your self-confidence, you can contact us in an instant.

Summary Of The Post-Care After The Operation

SWELLING: As with every transplant procedure, you can experience swelling in the treated area in the first week. You should be a little patient and take your time.

MEDICAL TREATMENT: After the operation, we prepare a five-day medical treatment to eliminate potential infections on the hair root and to restore your health.

COVER: For any damage that may occur to the transplanted hair, patients need to wear an object called a cover, and this should be done with great care.

GUARANTEED HEALING: Female hair transplant treatment shows results in about a year. This period, called full recovery, takes twelve months.

After the hair transplant, the hair starts to grow after the first 3 months. The average time required for the implanted hair to complete the process and to be fully grown in 12 months on average. After this period, the hair has the desired look.

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