A successful hair transplant must be done by a professional Now Hair Time team

To have hair of your dreams is realized by having a successful hair transplant operation. Professional hair transplant centers and expert teams with years of experience play an important role in the success of hair transplant.

Especially, doctors, specialists and team of the clinic where you want to have hair transplant reassure you about hair transplant. Our team which performs successful hair transplant operations on thousands of patients from different countries around the world, works meticulously for our patients’ satisfaction and successful results. After you shared your contact information via form, our team determines the suitable hair transplant technique for your by carrying out hair analysis and your operation is performed according to determined date.

What is hair transplant

What is hair transplant? How is perfect hair transplant performed?

Hair transplant is a permanent and natural solution that eliminates hair loss or baldness occurred due to hair fall. Hair transplant is an operation that healthy hair roots are placed into the area where baldness occurred. Healthy hairs of patient are placed into the area where hair is fallen out. Hair transplant is a small surgical operation, however, it requires a great experience. Please examine criteria below for perfect hair transplant.

What are hair transplant techniques?

What are hair transplant techniques? Which method, How to choose?

Fundamentally, four hair transplant techniques as FUE Sapphire, DHI and Unshaven Hair Transplant are commonly applied. The main goal is the same for each type of four main hair transplant technique, that is, to obtain a natural hair on bald areas by performing a successful operation.

Contrary to common belief, hair transplant technique must be determined by expert team that will perform the hair transplant operation, not the patient because factors such as your hair type, hair root, etc play an important role in determining hair transplant. Before hair transplant, you should make decision with a support of an expert team and proceed within a plan. By filling out the contact form, you can contact our team and have a detailed hair analysis.

How much does hair transplant cost

How much does hair transplant cost? How is the price determined?

There are various factors that determine hair transplant price. Experience of the clinic you chose, successful operations of the clinic and professional team are among important criteria. Moreover, some hair transplant clinics give price based on per graft that will be transplanted and hair transplant technique that will be applied. However, as Now Hair Time, we carry out our operations according to our patients’ need with maximum graft numbers that our patient needs and without any extra fee for the suitable hair transplant technique. Our main goal is to obtain natural and successful results in our brand where patient satisfaction is at a high level.

After you have your hair analysis by our experts, you can contact us via WhatsApp to get a quote. You can get detailed information about our discounts and campaigns, especially the pre-registration discounts we have applied during the Covid 19 pandemic process. (The pre-registration price you have reserved during the pandemic process does not change in the future.)

100% Natural Looking

In our hair transplantation brand in Istanbul, we have given them the natural look they dreamed of with different hair transplantation techniques we have applied to thousands of women and men from different countries of the world for 10 years.

Why Should You Choose Us?
3 Day Treatment
Hair transplant operation is a minimum 3 day treatment progress including medical dressing and first wash.
12,000 Succesful Operations
Successful operations performed on over 12,000 patients from different countries around the world for over 10 years
100% Painless with Sedation
With sedation applied by anesthetist, we provide comfort for our patient with a painless operation during the hair transplant process.
High Technology
We obtain the most successful results with our latest technology hair transplant techniques and high technology devices.
8 Hour Procedure
Before hair transplant operation, we evaluate all the details for our patient to have a healthier, more comfortable and hygienic operation.
Expert Team
We serve in Istanbul with our expert team that proved its success in Turkey and carried out thousands of successful hair transplant operations in 10 years.
Why You Should Choose Turkey & İstanbul?​
High Technology & Modern Clinics

High Technology & Modern Clinics

Turkey is the first country around the world that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplant. Turkey has become the most preferred country all over the world in the field of hair transplant with superior technology of hair transplant clinics in Turkey, specialized doctors and with successful results they have achieved with modern clinics. Especially our patients from Europe have expressed the positive experience of the quality service we provide to them in Turkey.

Affordable Hair Transplant Prices

Affordable Hair Transplant Prices

Turkey is among the lead countries in the world not only in field of hair transplant but also in health tourism. It is due to high technology facilities and affordable price of hair transplant compared to other countries in Turkey. For patients who prefer Turkey, hair transplant operation is successfully carried out operations at affordable prices. As Now Hair Tim, we guarantee the highest quality hair transplant services in Turkey.


Excellent Service

The number of tourists visiting Turkey from all over the world evert tear is approximately 50 million. This led to increase the competition in every field and led service sector to stand out. The experience gained here will enable you to experience the hair transplant process that you cannot get in any country in the world.

Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Center

Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Brand

We serve in Istanbul with our renowned physicians in Turkey and our elite team. As Now Hair Time team, we performed successful hair transplant operations on over 12,000 patients around the world and they return their country with satisfaction. They recommended us to their friends and associates without any reservations due to our affordable prices and natural permanent hair transplant services.

Frequently Asked Questions
Now Hair Time answers the questions frequently asked by you. For more, please visit FAQ page on our website.
Is Hair Transplant Treatment Permanent?

The hair transplantation treatment is considered to be permanent. After the surgery the healing process which it takes up to 12 month for the new transplanted hair to grow, these new transplanted hair are considered to be permanent. However, the new transplanted hair do also have a lifespan, but it is expected to be longer than your normal hair.

How İs The Hair Transplant Process Carried Out?
Your recovery period takes the minimum duration during the treatment process. Possible problems in your body during the process will be recovered within a week or ten days.
Is There A Side Effect Of The Treatment?
As with any treatment, there are side effects in hair transplant treatment. These side effects include redness, bleeding, edema around the face and bruising.
Is There Hair Loss After The Treatment?
Hair loss occurs in all hair transplant treatments, however, these are not hair roots. Many patients confuse hair loss experienced in this process with grafts.
How Is The Post-Care Done After Hair Transplant?
  • In this process, we meet all your needs in order to provide the best experience for you with a professional experience. 
  • In order to examine the condition of the patients after hair transplant, your hair should be washed with great care. 
  • To minimize the swelling that may occur on your head, you should sleep at an angle for three days after treatment.
Where Will I Stay During The Treatment?
As Now Hair Time, we assure you that we will help you in every stage during your hair transplant treatment. In this process, we are with you from the airport to the clinic and to the hotel and we ensure that you have a smooth treatment process.
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