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Two techniques are used for the extraction of hair follicles in hair transplant brands. The first one is the FUE technique and the second one is the FUT. FUT technique is not a preferred technique nowadays, FUE is more widely used. Sapphire or DHI methods are used for the implantation of the extracted hair follicles.

With both sapphire and DHI methods, which are the methods for implantation, hair follicles are extracted with the FUE technique.

Three techniques are currently used in hair transplant brands. FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI. These techniques are applied in hair transplant brands according to the needs of the patients.

In the FUE technique, grafts are taken with the help of a micromotor from the area on the back of the head, where the hair is best attached and where hair loss is experienced the least, and they are implanted into the channels opened in the area where hair loss is experienced.

In the Sapphire FUE method, the channels where the grafts are placed are opened with glass pens with valuable sapphire material attached at its tip. In this technique, both the donor area and the area where the operation will be performed are shaved.

The DHI technique, on the other hand, is mostly preferred by people who experience regional thinning in their hair, who want to move their hairline down, or who do not want to get shaved in the area where the hair transplant will be performed. In this operation, while the donor area is shaved, the area where the operation will be performed is not shaved because the grafts are placed one by one into the pens specifically produced for this technique, and transplanted into the region where regional thinning is experienced without the need to open any channels.

These techniques might not be able to meet the needs of some patients. These patients are the ones who experience thinning in certain areas of the hair along with having extensive baldness on the front or top part.

And the FI method is a technique that is exactly developed to meet the needs of these patients.

Until now, people who experience both baldness and thinning have been forced to choose only one technique by the hair brands. When using the Sapphire technique for patients with baldness, channels are opened in the areas where the operation will be performed, but in places where thinning is observed, no channels can be opened to prevent damage to the existing hair follicles. The DHI technique should be applied to these kinds of areas. The FI technique provides a solution for this exact problem. It saves the patients from being constrained with a single technique, and the two techniques are performed according to the individual needs of each area.

What is FIO Technique?

In addition to the Fi technique, the Fio technique includes an oxygen therapy that is applied to the patients for three sessions, three days after the procedure. This treatment, known as HBO (Hyperbaric oxygen therapy), is applied in the form of breathing oxygen under high pressure and at a high percentage. This inhaled oxygen increases the dissolved oxygen in the blood and ensures that the tissues are fed not only with oxygen bound to hemoglobin but also with dissolved oxygen in the plasma by respiration with high pressure and high percentage. This treatment is also available in the Fio technique as an additional treatment to be applied to the patient after the hair transplant operation. Thanks to this treatment which is a part of the FIO technique, the operated area will heal much faster. HBO does also positively affects the growth time and quality of the hair.

What is Hyperbaric Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment method applied to patients by having them breathe 100% pure oxygen under 2 or 3 atm (atmosphere) pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was used for the first time in 1995 at GATA Haydarpaşa Training and Research Hospital to treat diseases other than caisson disease.

How is Hyperbaric Therapy Applied?

Patients are taken to the room where hyperbaric therapy will be applied. The treatment can be performed while sitting or lying on a stretcher. For the internal pressure to be 2-3 times higher than the external pressure, the pressure is increased by giving air to the room gradually, where the treatment will be applied. The patient breathes 100% oxygen through a special mask. High pressure allows the blood to carry more oxygen to all parts of the body. Hyperbaric treatment duration and sessions vary depending on the disease of the person.

What is the Importance of Oxygen?

•It supports the immune system,

•Eliminates harmful substances in the body,

•It promotes the growth and formation of new cells.

•In addition to these, oxygen plays an important role in skin regeneration, treatment of aging skin, and improvement of skin color.

What are the Diseases in which Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is Applied?

•Carbon monoxide, cyanide poisoning, acute smoke inhalation,

•Heating stove, geyser poisoning

•Conditions in which the healing of the wounds is delayed (diabetic and non-diabetic),

•thermal burns,

•Chronic refractory osteomyelitis

•Sudden loss of hearing

•Sudden loss of vision: Retinal artery occlusion

•Crush injuries, compartment syndrome, and other acute traumatic ischemias

•decompression sickness,

•air or gas embolism,

•gas gangrene,

•Necrotizing infections of soft tissue (subcutaneous, muscle, fascia),

•excessive blood loss,

•radiation necroses,

•Skin flaps and grafts that are suspected to be involved,

•brain abscess,

•anoxic encephalopathy,

•Acute osteomyelitis of skull bones, sternum, and vertebrae


What are the Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

The bruised tissues or the tissues that got damaged after a persistent infection in the human body can not get adequate oxygen when the circulation on them becomes insufficient. When the human body and cells can't get enough oxygen, the natural healing process doesn't work as it should or it works slower. Oxygen deficiency can cause tissue damage, loss of normal function of the tissue, slow healing of the tissue, dry and saggy skin, fatigue, wrinkles, and various diseases. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cells that cannot do their job due to oxygen deficiency are supported. The healing time of wounds is reduced as it supports the increase of the agent that makes the healing possible. It prevents the development of bacteria that grow and develop in an unoxygenated environment. It also supports the cells responsible for the body's defense.

What is the effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on the healing process after hair transplantation?

Regardless of the technique, in all of the hair transplant operations, scars can be seen in the areas where the grafts are transplanted, either from the channels opened before the implantation or from the damage caused by the grafts implanted without opening channels. Although these wounds are healed over time during the post-operation process, depending on the clinic performing the hair transplantation, the healing process of the wounds affects the attachment of the transplanted hair follicles to the transplanted area.

In a study conducted this year to see the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on hair transplant patients in China, the following results were obtained;

As a result of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, at the end of the first month after the operation, the rate of hair loss was 69% for the control group, while this rate was recorded as 27% in those receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Likewise, at the end of the first month, the rate of pruritus and folliculitis was 35% in the control group, while it was 12% in those receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In these patients, the satisfaction rate in the early postoperative period was 53% in the control group; while it was 88% in those receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The rate of the patients who experienced redness was 3.5% in the control group, while this rate was 0.4% in the group receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Fi and Fio techniques are only applied at Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Brand in the world.

Realizing that the treatments applied by the hair transplantation brands to their patients in the hair transplantation sector are limited to a single technique and that the patients with extensive baldness and thinning cannot get the desired efficiency from hair transplantation, Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Turkey has eliminated this deficiency in the hair transplantation sector by offering Fi and Fio techniques to its patients.

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