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For women, facial appearance has importance in their life. Considering the importance women show themselves, procedures to be performed in the field of health should be carried out in a more detailed and meticulous manner. Do you think you need help with eyebrow transplant treatment, which is one of the most important facial features for women? Don’t like your eyebrows? As the Now Hair Time team, we should inform you about the best eyebrow transplant experience.

If you need professional experts to change your eyebrow structures, distortion, sparseness, thinning and irregular appearance, you are on the right page. Eyebrow structures of women have quite different hair growth cycles and it needs constant care.

How Is Eyebrow Transplant Done With FUE Technique?

In a short time and painless eyebrow transplant process, the most suitable eyebrow shape is preferred. One of the most important points to be considered while eyebrow transplant is to apply the procedure in a sterile environment.


Eyebrow transplant treatment is carried out with FUE technology used almost everywhere in the face area. The device used in the Follicular Unit Extraction and generally referred to as the FUE technology device performs the procedure in your donor area by extracting grafts from the back of your head. The donor area is used to fill the eyebrows with patches.

With the help of the FUE device, the hair follicles of the women are placed with the help of a microscope in order to achieve a natural and good-looking eyebrow with sensitive and neat work carried out in the hair root of women.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Eyebrow Transplant?

Women generally focus on the areas of their bodies they want to change and want to have some procedures done. There are many reasons for eyebrow transplant and eyebrows are the most prominent part after the hair. Good candidates for eyebrow transplant are as follows;

  • Those with hair loss disease, also known as alopecia,
  • For those who have scars in the eyebrow area,
  • Those with burns and injuries previously experienced in the facial area
  • Those with thin eyebrows due to aging

The most important elements to have a good face are hair, eyes, and eyebrows. Eyebrows are among the most important aspects that help us recognize people. Human faces don’t look right without eyebrows. If you have alopecia, you are likely to experience eyebrow loss and it is one of the important needs to have an eyebrow transplant for you.

The procedures such as plucking at a young age leave scars in the eyebrow area. To have natural-looking eyebrows, you can work with our expert team in Now Hair Time in Turkey and renew your confidence. You will feel the difference with the eyebrow transplant.

How Is The Eyebrow Transplant Done?

Hair follicles will be taken from your donor area with the help of a microscope and the transplant process will be completed in the eyebrow area using a hypodermic needle.

Eyebrow regeneration brings along a difficult decision for every person. Since the eyebrow transplant is a one-time procedure, you should definitely get information from the Now Hair Time team and should do research to complete the process in the best way possible.

Each person’s eyebrow structure is divided into thin and thick. It is certain that every patient needs an eyebrow transplant for different reasons. These operations are definitely referred to as sensitive operations and must be performed by an expert team.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Does EyeBrow Transplant Cause Pain?

As in every procedure, as the Now Hair Time team, we apply local anesthesia in these procedures and perform them with great effort to minimize the pain. As each person’s pain threshold is different, we understand the concerns about this issue. You can get more detailed information about this subject by contacting us.

Good Candidates For EyeBrow Transplant?

If you have sufficient hair in your donor area for eyebrow transplant to be performed using FUE technology, you can definitely be suitable for the operation. If there is no exceptional condition, the hair roots to be taken are located in the nape area. You can make a reservation to benefit from the free consultation service in order to better understand your suitability.

How Will The Results Of EyeBrow Transplant Be?

All results obtained from eyebrow transplant procedures, which will be performed with the latest technology FUE devices, vary depending on the treatment process. The results after eyebrow transplant are almost certainly noticeable. The eyebrows, which are among the most prominent features of our face, will have a permanent change in a short time.

Post-Care After EyeBrow Transplant?

The minimum maintenance needed in transplant treatments are definitely eyebrow areas. Every month, care should be taken and correction is required in the transplanted areas. The reason for the correction is that the hairs in the transplanted area are hairs taken from your scalp and grow in a different way.

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