Mustache Transplant

Mustache Transplant

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What Is Mustache Transplant?

Beard and mustache are the most important facial features for men. Beard and mustache, which affect the identity of the face and have become an essential for men, have become an aesthetic element. Balding in the beard and mustache or a thin beard and mustache since adolescence may bother the person. For this reason, beard and mustache transplant has recently become one of the most popular aesthetic interventions in the world.  The most common method of treatment for mustache and beard loss, those who cannot grow beard and mustache or covering scars in these areas is mustache and beard transplant. The most suitable age for mustache and beard transplant is 20 years and above.

How IS Mustache Transplant Performed?

As in hair transplant, the donor area is back of the person’s head. Since the hair on the donor area is stronger than other hair and beard hair, this is the right area for transplant. 

Moustache transplant is performed just like FUE hair transplant in which hair follicles are taken one by one with special tip micro motors under local anesthesia and transplanted into the balding areas by considering the natural hair angle and direction. Hair follicles taken one by one by FUE method are transplanted into bald areas in the mustache.

The most effective treatment method for thin mustaches is mustache transplant. Densing is performed on the mustache by implanting hair follicles into areas where there are no hair follicles. 

After the mustache transplant process, there is no scars in the back of the head or in the area where the mustache is implanted. 

On the contrary, the regions with surgery or burn marks that exist in that area before the mustache transplant are hidden thanks to the mustache transplant. In the mustache transplant process, the implant limit and density are determined both in accordance with the request and need. Results obtained after the transplant by professional teams are quite natural.

Post care after Mustache Transplant

Mustache transplant is a process that requires extreme care. For this reason, it is recommended to be done only by experts. 

Even though there are no permanent marks in the area where beard and mustache is implanted, rashes may occur for few weeks. 

While this is natural, it can regain its former appearance after approximately 2 weeks. It is strictly forbidden to shave with razor for the first 6 months after mustache and beard transplant.


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