30 Reasons to Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey

The most accurate and right solution for people who experience hair loss is a hair transplant. The hair transplant process, which promises a natural appearance, is preferred more and more. With the increase in hair transplants, there are improvements in methods and techniques in hair transplant. There are also many details to be considered in hair transplant processes where developments and innovation are essential. More successful results can be achieved by paying attention to the details.

30 Reasons to Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey

The treatment is carried out by transplanting the patient’s hair into the area where hair loss and baldness occur. There should not be any hair loss in terms of structure in the area hair transplant is applied. Thanks to the hair transplant process, people can achieve amazing results as if their hair has never been fallen out.

The permanently regained hair prepares the environment for one’s psychological and physical relief. The purpose of the hair transplant process is to give people hair that provides a natural appearance using modern technology. People are satisfied with the hair transplant process that is carried out comfortably. For those who want to get rid of hair loss and baldness radically, the treatment to be applied is undoubtedly hair transplant.

According to the sources, the first hair transplant was done by a German student and teacher in 1822. The medical student and the teacher of the student transplanted the hair from one area in the head into a different area and carried out the transplant. The operation carried out by the student and the teacher has been completed, and no further studies have been found from them, which emphasizes that they will achieve much more success.

If you need to leave behind the first hair transplant and know more about modern hair transplant, it dates back to 1939. Modern hair transplant started in Japan in 1939. The method developed by the Japanese dermatologist has been successfully concluded. Hair transplant application known as punch technique has been developed to do hair transplant on burn marks or scars.

In this technique, particles are taken from the scalp with hair follicles and holes are opened in the injured areas. Then, hair follicles are placed into the holes opened. After a while, a dermatologist alleged to be in Japan made the graft lengths much shorter. In other words, the origin of modern hair transplants is based in Japan. So, which country comes to mind first when it comes to a hair transplant?

Turkey is in the lead when it comes to countries that are popular for hair transplant surgery around the world. Countless successes were obtained in Turkey where it comes to mind first for the treatment. Hair transplant is one of the operations that provide serious income for health tourism and our country accepts patients from various countries in the world. What do we owe the success of our hair transplant operations accepted worldwide?


Why is hair transplant in Turkey at the forefront? When did hair transplant surgery in Turkey begin and how did it become successful? Why should patients choose Turkey for hair transplant operations? The answer to all this includes 30 items. There are 30 reasons to have hair transplant surgery in Turkey. The reasons will increase day by day. Hair transplant operations, which have made a great contribution to the national economy, are also spoken around the world. Our country, which has the best health conditions and hair transplant treatment among all countries, still holds leadership.


The successful operations provided by our country have become branded as they are widely accepted. Announcing such a success in the health sector in the developing world and Turkey, it is seen as a rival by any country. Turkish or foreign patients experiencing hair loss should be treated in Turkey without considering and experiencing the advantages until the end.

Here are 30 reasons advantages to having a hair transplant operation in Turkey

  • 1. Professional hair transplant started early in our country. Hair transplant in Turkey is carried out professionally instead of a trial process that began in the 1990s. The first experimental applications have done in different countries, however, Turkey left behind experimentation and started to apply professional applications. Turkey having the advantage of professional hair transplant defying the years has made a difference in history by ranking in the first place.
  • 2. The first factor that is important for those who want to achieve successful results in hair transplants is undoubtedly the experience. Although there are many more factors that affect success, experience is one step ahead. Turkey beginning to apply hair transplants widely and the expansion of applications throughout the world corresponds to almost the same date. It also shows the balance date that Turkey is one of the most experienced countries. The keyword is experiencing hair transplant surgery in Turkey. Experiments conducted in the early stages or phases of development were very rare in Turkey, our country has entered into direct treatment without the trial and error process. In other words, hair transplant operation, which emerged from the experimental plan, entered the field of application and caused us to have great advantages.
  • 3. Becoming successful with the achievements of the year thanks to the increasing number of operations per year Turkey is making a difference in hair transplant. When unofficial data is examined, more than 300 thousand people have hair transplant procedures in Turkey, and the number is constantly increasing. Turkey is followed by India with operations above the annual 200 thousand in India and India is followed by the United States, which has fewer numbers.
  • 4. Turkey stands out in the field of hair transplant with success in the operation and also medical education is also quite good in Turkey. Thanks to its high-level medical education, the country, which trains specialist physicians, also increases the success rate. Thus, hair transplant operation is one of the most important factors in having hair transplants in Turkey. The higher the training of specialist physicians operating is, the more successful the result will be.
  • 5. Hair transplant operations are carried out by experts in Turkey. The success of the doctors in our country has been accepted worldwide. The fact that our doctors have received a high level of education in their field and that they achieved success by using this education in practice also contributes greatly to leadership. Generally, our specialists have received training in dermatology because it is essential to analyze and examine the scalp very well in the hair transplant process. The area of ​​specialization of hair transplant doctors is not only dermatology throughout the country, but also our aesthetic surgeons perform hair transplant operations.
  • 6. The capacity that the country has in the field of health is another advantage. Turkey is one of the rare countries that provide service in the health sector giving guarantees by the government to all individuals all over the world and by so Turkey stands out again. Due to the existence of this assurance, hospitals have been opened throughout the country for many years and treatment services are provided in these hospitals.
  • 7. The number of hospitals in the country is also among the advantages. Turkey is among the countries having the most hospital site. It is even one of the countries with the most hospitals. Hospitals are being built and opened continuously, regardless of the province. Physicians who graduated from higher medical education services in the hospitals opened. The high number of hospitals is directly in line with the percentage of success across the country.
  • 8. Depending on the number of hospitals, the high number of doctors also brought success to the country. Turkey stands out on every level with its thousands of doctors is ready for hair transplant operations.
  • 9. The number of people studying medicine is one of the factors affecting success. Thousands of medical students are getting ready to graduate every year throughout the country. While the number of school of medicine graduates is 389 thousand across the world, 75 thousand students are studying in 100 schools of medicine in Turkey. Turkey also has success with this situation, leaving behind other countries in the world. More and more students are trained every year for the hair transplant operation.
  • 10. Our country is the country with the fastest hair transplant operation compared to other countries worldwide. Fast operations are among the most important reasons to choose Turkey in the hair transplant process.
  • 11. Combining innovation with technical development, Turkey is home to different applications. For example, hair transplant is done in our country with sapphire tips, which have appeared very recently.
  • 12. Developments in anesthesia concern the hair transplant operation closely. In our country, painless anesthesia methods are developed day by day and used in operations.
  • 13. It is important to maintain the hair during the hair transplant operation. The solution produced specifically for use in hair transplants in Turkey is available anywhere in the world. The contents of the solutions are constantly being developed and renewed.
  • 14. There are many equipped hospitals, which leads the capacity of surgery in Turkey to a high level. The presence of these hospitals brings the success of hair transplants.
  • 15. The innovations in terms of technics are followed closely and developed accordingly in the country. The technical dimension is one of the most important stages of the hair transplant operation. The technical developments developed by the country are effective in its success.
  • 16. One of the reasons that stand out to have hair transplant operations in Turkey is also geographical opportunities. Istanbul’s contribution to the hair transplant operation, which is located between Asia and Europe connecting the two continents, is at the top.
  • 17. The level of development in health tourism can be seen as a reference for choosing Turkey. The country’s reference for health tourism is extremely strong and this plays an active role in choosing it for hair transplant.
  • 18. In connection with the transportation network is large regarding hair transplant operations in Turkey. More than 100 million visitors come to the country which is especially developed in terms of airlines. Visitors were coming to Turkey’s touristic cities via airline, they also visit Turkey for hair transplant operations.
  • 19. Istanbul is the center of the world for thousands of years and it has hosted many civilizations. The number of people coming to have a hair transplant in Istanbul that is recognized worldwide and proved to be of great importance is more than half the number of people coming to the country for treatment.
  • 20. Turkey have also an advantage in the research that will be conducted by the hair transplant operations. Treatment centers throughout the country are shared with people and are easily emphasized.
  • 21. It is a big advantage in terms of the online consultation in Turkey for patients. For the online consultation, only three photos are required from the people. The number of grafts is determined by looking at the photos.
  • 22. The appointment system of clinics in Turkey is also the focus of attention by people. You can save time by using an appointment system to handle all transactions practically. The appointment system in Turkey compared to other countries is done more slowly.
  • 23. Thanks to the agencies in the country, people from different countries easily provide accommodation for health tourism. The practical accommodation advantage provided by agencies reduces the stress on people. This plays a big role in choosing the country.
  • 24. Hair transplant centers in Turkey make arrangements for the operation. In line with these plans, all details such as arrival time and departure time are considered.
  • 25. The live examination phase is successfully carried out by experts, and the most accurate method is determined. Then, the treatment process begins for the patient. The success of physicians in the country during the live examination is indisputable.
  • 26. Many examinations from analysis to allergy tests are carried out by the preferred center. In Turkey, preoperative measures are taken for patients in the best way and the patient’s health is never compromised.
  • 27. Hair transplant centers provide relief to patients not only during the operation but also before and after the operation by intensely taking care of the patients. Turkey is the leader in the health sector with its versatile service.
  • 28. Special teams are formed for postoperative control and medical dressing in Turkey. The treatment process is carried out successfully by treating patients exclusively in Turkey more than in any other place in the world.
  • 29. A lifestyle plan is prepared for people by hair transplant. Many more details, such as the lifestyle plan, are directly proportionate to the country’s success.
  • 30. After the operation, the personnel to be responsible for the patient is determined and all details about the operation are transferred to the patient in detail. All the details of the hair transplant operation in the country are at a high success level.

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