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Which Criteria Should a Good Hair Transplant Technique Have?

There used many different techniques from the past to the present in hair transplant operation. Firstly , Hair transplant methods have started with FUT technique .We’ve also followed another technique such as DHI technique. With the changing and progressing techniques , The hair transplant operations have obtained more succesful and comfortable results for transplanting the hair.

Which Criteria Should a Good Hair Transplant Technique Have?

What Are The Hair Transplant Techniques?

When we take a look at the techniques that used in hair trasnplantation, We can see many different techniques. These are ;

FUT Technique (Folicular Unit Transplantasion)

In the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method, the dermis tissue in the donor (donor) area between the two ears containing the hair follicles on the back of the head is removed in a rectangular shape and the remaining tissue is sutured, combined and closed.

After this process, removed all grefts are seperated from the dermis tissue and grefts, which are obtained, are catagorized according to the number of roots. The forehead hair line is determined in the area to be transplanted, and channels are created in the area where the grefts will be placed, starting from the forehead line. Grefts, which have only one root, are placed in the forehead hair line , Afterwards, the remaining space is filled with grefts including double, triple or quadruple roots.

Thus and so , these transplantation processes are completed.

FUE Technique (Foliculer Unit Extraction )

In Folicular Unit Extraction Technique , obtaining greft is done with the different methods.


Donor (giver) area is determined, all grefts are extracted with the help of micro motor one by one and It is collected by separating according to the number of roots in petri plate. Although extracting grefts takes up a lot of time, it prevents occuring scar (cicatrix) tissue like in FUT technique.

Placement of grefts in the transplantation area is mostly similar.

FUE Sapphire (Safir FUE ) Technique

In FUE Sapphire technique, Some develepments have been done comparing to FUE. In obtaining greft process, There is not more different operation than FUE. But the process of opening channel in the area which will placed in grefts are more different than FUT and FUE methods . Because It is done with the help of sapphire points rather than bisturi or punch. Sapphire point provides to open the channels correctly and normatively. This ensures less crusting after transplantation and shortens the healing time.

DHI ( Direct Hair Implantation ) Pen Technique

In DHI (Direct Hair İmplantation) technique , obtaining grefts also is similar to FUE technique. Because It is done with the help of micro motor like FUE technique. But Transplantation process is done by a special pen which has been improved by Japanese Doctor Young Choi. The pens carry out opening of channels and placing grefts process at the same time for greft.

Grefts are placed at the tip of the pens one by one. An expert sticks the transplantation area to reach dermis tissue in order to open channel and it places the greft by pushing it at the same time with the help of the button on the tip of the pen. In this way, both the channel is opened and the greft is placed at one time.

This technique, which requires a little more time, offers the opportunity to transplant without shaving.

As we explained above , commonly used hair transplant techniques have certain differences from one other. But what techniques will be used depends on person’s decision.

Choosing The Suitable Hair Transplant Center

The person who wants to hair transplant should choose a suitable hair transplant center after deciding. Such as Now Hair Time clinics that have experienced and talented doctors always provide you to reach the suitable methods and results.


To choose the hair transplant center well is a key for determining the suitable hair transplant methods. You should prefer a center that has an experienced team , knowledgeable about current practices, all the necessary equipments , hygienic conditions. Remember, a good hair transplant center never allows to practise processes which you don’t need to have.

Features That Should Be in a Good Hair Transplant Procedure

Determination of resource of the problems due to hair loss correctly and new areas that are candidates for shedding will also contribute positively to the result. It may make common decision for planning to more than one session if the openness is big.

Competent hair transplant expers will determine your hair structure and appropriateness with the hair analyzes and If necessary, start medical backing treatment. After this process, it is possible to choose the suitable hair transplant methods according to the person’s expectation.

FUT technique is not preferred except for some special situations. Most common used methods are FUE and FUE Sapphire. If a person wants unshave hair transplant and prefers DHI Pen methods , current situation needs to be convenient.for this process. If the area to be covered is large, it will not be preferred due to the low number of grefts obtained in this method.

Regardless of the technique, there are important situations that need attention, let's explain about them step by step.

Proccess of Obtaining Hair Follicle

Regardless of methods, it is very important to determine the number of grefts correctly that person needs. It needs to obtain the most correct number of grefts from donor (giver) area. In addition, while obtaining greft , you should be careful about other neighbour hair follicles. If attention is not paid, loss of existing hair can be caused.

Obtaining greft intensely from a area may cause permanent and distinct scar tissue formation in that area. However, these problems will not be a problem in experienced hands.

Storing Grefts in Ideal Condition

Keeping the grefts supplied in an avaliable environment until the transplanting area is prepared is another important issue. While the grefts are classified according to the number of roots they include in special solutions, provided that they do not last for a long time, another team should prepare the area to be transplanted.

If the preparation process lasts for a long time, grefts tissues should keep waiting in order not to deteriorate at a temperature of +4 degrees. If this issue is not taken into consideration, losses may occur from the grefts provided.

Placement of Grefts

In the interview with the person ,the forehead hair line is determined by evaluating the expectations and optimum conditions Determination of the hair line correctly is a key about providing a natural look. The second important issue is that the channels opened starting from this line are at the right aspect.


If aspects that are suitable for the person's facial structure and compatible with his combing habits and natural hair are determined, these aspects that will direct the newly transplanted hair provide a good result. For this reason, the FUE Sapphire and DHI pen method may provide some advantages. Having a standard of channels helps you to get an aesthetic appearance during the placement of the roots.

In summary, in a good hair transplant procedure;

● Before transplanting, a good analysis and correct planning should be done.

● The expectations of the person should be determined correctly.

● Correct number of grefts should be obtained in a healthy way, existing roots should not be damaged and no traces should be left.

● A smooth and natural forehead hairline should be determined.

● The aspects of the roots placed on the hair forehead line should be such that they look natural.

● Sufficient grefts should be placed and openings should be covered well.

● It should be done unshaven, if possible.

● There should be less crusting in the transplanted area. Recovery should be fast.

● It should offer the most suitable and economical solution to the person.

 Now Hair Time, with its 12 years of experience, performs all the above-mentioned steps effectively and healthily. If you have decided on hair transplantation to be happier in your next life, you are at the right address, you can get more detailed information by getting an offer here, we wish you healthy days.

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