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Can you have 2 hair transplants?

How is the second hair transplantation performed? People who have hair transplant for the first time in their twenties may experience gradual expansion in the regions where the first baldness occurs.

While the hair in the implanted area is bushy, balding and thinning can be seen in the surrounding areas. The reason for this is not the hair transplant process done at a young age.

Hair loss rate and type can be experienced in different areas. In this case there is nothing to fear. Hair transplant can be done for the second time.

Can you have 2 hair transplants?

The number of hair transplant procedures depends on the number of hair follicles to be used for transplant. The hair roots used in hair transplant are generally harvested from back of the head and above the ears. These areas are called safe donor sites. Hair follicles in this region are quite strong.

In the first transplant. These hairs are harvested and implanted into areas where the hair loss is intense. However, because the donor area is limited, the second hair transplant may sometimes not work.

In this regard. The procedure should be followed according to the recommendations of the physician performing operations in the field of hair transplant.

How Is The Second Hair Transplantation Performed?

Why is the second hair transplant performed?

Even if hair is harvested from the donor area in the second hair transplant. There is also the possibility of having bald areas.

In this case, patients should not demand more hair transplant from their doctor. The hair transplant process does not end the problem of hair loss completely. So you can have a second hair transplant if you have enough hair follicles in the donor area. Why is the second hair transplant process done? Here are the answers:

  • Not following the rules set after hair transplant
  •  Improper implementation of hair transplant plan for patient
  • Incorrect calculation of the number of grafts to implant
  • The front hairline not looking natural
  • Keeping hair follicles in a non-steril environment

How Many Grafts Can Be Transplanted In One Session?

How is the second hair transplantation… A maximum of 4000-4500 grafts are taken for the first time without disturbing the integrity of the back of the head if patient also have a second session of hair transplant.

The second session is performed after a minimum of 8 months because the donor area takes about 8 months to recover. In the second session, maximum 2500-3000 is harvested according to the density status of the donor area and again according to the need of the patient’s bald areas.

Harvesting grafts above these numbers will cause deterioration of the natural look of back of the head and thinning in the donor area.

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