Can you have 2 hair transplants?

How is the second hair transplantation performed? People who have a hair transplant for the first time in their twenties may experience gradual expansion in the regions where the first baldness occurs

While the hair in the implanted area is bushy, balding and thinning can be seen in the surrounding areas. The reason for this is not the hair transplant process done at a young age.

Hair loss rate and type can be experienced in different areas. In this case, there is nothing to fear. A hair transplant can be done for the second time.

Can you have 2 hair transplants?

The number of hair transplant procedures depends on the number of hair follicles to be used for transplant. The hair roots used in hair transplant are generally harvested from the back of the head and above the ears. These areas are called safe donor sites. Hair follicles in this region are quite strong.

In the first transplant. These hairs are harvested and implanted into areas where the hair loss is intense. However, because the donor area is limited, the second hair transplant may sometimes not work.

In this regard. The procedure should be followed according to the recommendations of the physician performing operations in the field of hair transplant.

How Is The Second Hair Transplantation Performed?

Why is the second hair transplant performed?

Even if the hair is harvested from the donor area in the second hair transplant. There is also the possibility of having bald areas.

In this case, patients should not demand more hair transplants from their doctors. The hair transplant process does not end the problem of hair loss completely. So you can have a second hair transplant if you have enough hair follicles in the donor area. Why is the second hair transplant process done? Here are the answers:

  • Not following the rules set after a hair transplant
  •  Improper implementation of hair transplant plan for the patient
  • Incorrect calculation of the number of grafts to implant
  • The front hairline does not look natural
  • Keeping hair follicles in a non-sterile environment

How Many Grafts Can Be Transplanted In One Session?

How is the second hair transplantation… A maximum of 4000-4500 grafts are taken for the first time without disturbing the integrity of the back of the head if the patient also has a second session of hair transplant.

The second session is performed after a minimum of 8 months because the donor area takes about 8 months to recover. In the second session, a maximum of 2500-3000 is harvested according to the density status of the donor area and again according to the need of the patient’s bald areas.

Harvesting grafts above these numbers will cause deterioration of the natural look of the back of the head and thinning in the donor area.

before hair transplant

Before Hair Transplant

  • If you are using drugs and vitamins, you should stop. Medicines increase the risk of bleeding and make it difficult for hair follicles to adhere.
  • Stop using cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Stop using alcohol
  • If you are involved in sports, stop doing exercises a week beforehand, if you are taking supplements, you should stop it as well.
  • Please inform your doctor if you have any discomfort.

The above conditions: can constrict blood vessels and increase the risk of bleeding for the operation. Therefore, if you want to have a good appearance after a successful hair transplant operation, you must follow the rules above.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Free transfer: They will meet you with private vehicles and accompany you to your destination as planned during your stay in Turkey.

Private interpreter: Interpreters who speak the same language as you and are only interested in you are waiting for you here.

Medical support: All kinds of medical support are provided in the process after the hair transplant operation is completed.

Hotel reservation: the 5-star hotel is arranged for the hotel reservation.

Do not forget that you are not only making a hair transplant in Turkey, but also creating a short vacation and travel plan for yourself, and you are doing all of this at a much more reasonable price compared to other European countries.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Hair Transplant Center

Here is a process that will affect you for the rest of your life. Therefore, after understanding the following items thoroughly, you should make your choice according to these items.

Do you know who your doctor is?

Is there information about the doctor who will operate on the website of the clinic you visit? Be sure to include the university he graduated from on his resume and review it. If there is no information on the site about the person who will do the hair transplant, stay away from these centers. You should know who to talk to in a situation that will affect you for life. In addition, be sure to find out at what stages the doctor who will perform your procedure will complete the procedure and how much time he will devote to you. By the way, remember that hair transplant surgery takes a long time.

Where will the hair transplant surgery be done?

In Turkey, this procedure can only be performed in hospitals, health centers, or polyclinics authorized by the Ministry of Health. First of all, find out the address of the place where the procedure will be carried out, in places such as apartments, residences, villas are given, ask for permission documents issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health at these addresses. If you work in a location that does not meet these requirements, your permits have not been obtained and the equipment, medical skills, and staff will not be available to respond to you in an emergency.

Do surgeries vary from person to person? Be sure to learn this

Will the doctor who will perform the hair transplant use a special procedure for you? In other words, you should learn the details from the donor areas to the area to be planted. This will inspire you for the look you can achieve after a successful hair transplant operation.

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