Reasons to Choose Istanbul, Turkey for Hair Transplant

Hair loss in women and men can cause baldness. Many methods have been used for a permanent solution to hair loss for years. While shampoos, creams, serums, etc. are used to stop hair loss, the most effective method is hair transplant.

Hair transplant is done by transplanting strong hair follicles into the area where a person experiences baldness. Nearly 100% success is achieved in hair transplants. With the development of technology, innovations in the sector, and the development of applied hair transplant techniques, operations with exact solutions are now performed. Hair transplant operations must be carried out in professional centers.

If the hair transplant is not done by an expert and the necessary precautions are not taken, the person who will have a hair transplant will be negatively affected by this situation. Successful hair transplant centers should be preferred to avoid financial and psychological damage.

For successful hair transplantation, you should research the clinic or doctor you find in the best way. For this research, it is sufficient to look at the posts on the social media of that clinic.


A hair transplant is done by transplanting strong hair follicles into the area where a person experiences baldness

Preferring Istanbul for the hair transplant process offers many advantages. As a developed city, Istanbul brings many opportunities to the sector. People generally prefer Istanbul for hair transplants. Istanbul is a city that has come to the fore in many sectors. Studies in the field of hair transplant have made Istanbul stand out in the sector. So, why should people who want to have a hair transplant choose Istanbul?

  • Istanbul has a wide range of medical facilities.
  • Successful doctors serve in Istanbul.
  • Hospital and clinic options are in a wide range.
  • Latest technology devices and techniques are used in hospitals and clinics.
  • Professional service is provided in hospitals and clinics.
  • Compared to the operations carried out abroad, operations performed are more affordable in Istanbul.
  • Different successful techniques are used.
  • Istanbul is known worldwide and is preferred by people who want to have a hair transplant.
  • Turkish doctors who are well-known in the field of hair transplant serve in Istanbul.
  • You will see that successful doctors in the field of hair transplant serve in Istanbul when Turkey and European countries are compared.
  • Hospitals and clinics are reliable and meticulous places that make their jobs special.
  • Hospitals and clinics in Istanbul are extremely hospitable.

Not only in Turkey but also around the world, Istanbul become popular, and also it gives many advantages to the sector in general. When cities are taken into consideration in terms of hair transplants, Istanbul stands out with its works. In a city that is medically developed and has wide facilities, successful specialists carry out operations. There are many hair transplant centers in Istanbul.

Compared to European countries and Turkey, the costs are quite cheap. Although it is cheap, it is also possible to visit and tour a historical city like Istanbul. In European countries, you can come and visit Turkey for only the cost of hair transplantation and at the same time meet your medical needs.

Reasons to Choose Istanbul, Turkey for Hair Transplant

In Istanbul which has a large number of hospitals and clinics, a wide range of options is offered to people. Latest technology devices and systems are used in hospitals and clinics in Istanbul. Experts are individuals who have been trained abroad and have carried out studies abroad. Professional service is provided to people who want to have a hair transplant.

When hair transplant operations done in abroad and Istanbul are compared, it can say that the most affordable and right prices are offered in Istanbul. Many hair transplant centers in Istanbul are working reliably. Hair transplant centers in Istanbul also accept patients from abroad. People from abroad who want to have hair transplants come to Istanbul and get support from the experts here. Hair transplant centers serving in Istanbul pay attention to carrying out meticulous work.

As a Now Hair Time family, we also provide hair transplant services in Istanbul. In our hair transplant center, we always carry out works special to each person. We apply the most effective and reliable hair transplant techniques of recent times. We achieve nearly 100% success and provide 100% satisfaction.


Thanks to our successful experts in the sector, we avoid any possible mistakes in hair transplants. We always act by the plan and program for individuals who want to have a hair transplant.

Determining the appropriate hair transplant technique for our patients, having well-equipped and performing operations with our specialist doctors make us one of the leading centers in Istanbul. As a hair transplant center, we have been working in this sector for many years. We take care to complete our work completely and flawlessly in line with the knowledge and experience gained over the years.

We act solution-oriented with our staff open to innovation. We make arrangements for professional solutions and carry out exclusive work by world standards. As one of the successful hair transplant centers in Istanbul, we always provide service to all our patients in an equal and unique concept.

In our brand, we always prioritize patient satisfaction and carry out the most special works in this direction. In our brand, we also have personnel and specialist doctors with knowledge and experience. As the Now Hair Time team, we stand by everyone who wants to have a hair transplant before and after the operation.

Although Istanbul is the city that should be preferred for hair transplants, it is important to choose the right hair transplant center among the centers within the city. It provides hair transplant services in many hospitals and clinics in Istanbul. Some of these hospitals and clinics are one step ahead of their competitors. Thus, what should be considered when choosing a hair transplant center in Istanbul?

  • Hospitals and clinics with specialist doctors should be preferred.
  • In the first examination, a detailed analysis should be made.
  • Previous works of the clinic or hospital can be examined.
  • Detailed information about the operation should be given and what should be done before and after the operation should be explained.
  • Information on the conditions under which the operation will take place should be obtained.
  • Price evaluation should be done.
  • Information about the payment method should be obtained.

There are many clinics and hospitals in Istanbul that provide hair transplant services. Along with these clinics and hospitals, there are also different centers for hair transplants. However, people who consider having a hair transplant should always take the right steps. In this regard, people who want to have a hair transplant must choose clinics and hospitals with expert doctors.

A low rate of success can be obtained from a hair transplant that is not carried out under the supervision of a specialist and the health of the person can be at risk. Moreover, the person may suffer financially and psychologically. To avoid such problems, companies performing hair transplants with expert doctors should be preferred.

Expert doctors perform an analysis of the person who wants to have a hair transplant at the first examination. This analysis must be complete and accurate. If there is an error during the analysis or there is any missing information in the analysis, the desired success cannot be achieved in the hair transplant process.

The person should examine the previous works of the clinic or hospital they would prefer. Hair transplant centers keep photos of each individual before and after the operation. By examining these photos, you can get better information about their work. The specialist who will operate the hair transplant center should inform the person about the hair transplant stages.

Topics such as what should be done before the operation, how the operation will be performed, and what should be considered in the process after the operation must be explained.

People having hair transplants should learn and decide about the hair transplant operation. There will be price differences between hair transplant centers, however, people should not be too concerned about the price because there is not much difference in the prices among the centers that do hair transplants.

The important thing is that the operation is successful, not the price. With the right technique, a hair transplant should be done under the right conditions and nearly 100% success can be achieved. Accordingly, people should prefer the center they trust, not the centers they favor.

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Moreover, people should learn about payment conditions. Hair transplant centers that are experts in their fields should be preferred for healthy, natural-looking and strong hair, therefore, the operation should result in nearly 100% success.

Istanbul is confidently preferred in the hair transplant sector. Patients from different provinces of Turkey and from abroad, choose hair transplant centers in Istanbul. Istanbul becomes confidently the preferred city of the sector. The person who will have a hair transplant gets the hair of their dreams by choosing Istanbul and the right hair transplant center in Istanbul.

Every stage of hair transplant needs to be carried out thoroughly. A hair transplant will not be successful in any of the stages if there is a mistake or deficiency. In this regard, people must work with professional teams. If people with hair loss and baldness want 100% effect, they should first make a deal with the right hair transplant center in Istanbul. The center preferred by people determines the fate of hair transplants. Hair transplant gives different results according to the specialist operating.

The methods applied by every specialist or surgeon are different. Specialists and surgeons who know their job, take care of their work, and do their job carefully, always meet the expectation. Although there are many hair transplant centers in Istanbul, there are few centers that achieve a result close to 100% professionalism. As Now Hair Time, we stand out among these centers successfully. We act in harmony with our team, we achieve 100% patient satisfaction with our professional hair transplant service. So, why should you prefer the Now Hair Time family in Istanbul?

  • Professional team
  • Sincere, respectful, innovative team
  • Fully equipped center
  • Latest technology devices and system
  • Advanced hair transplant techniques
  • Works suitable for health
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free transfer
  • Hotel reservation procedures
  • Providing lifelong medical support
  • Private interpreter support
  • Right price guarantee

At Now Hair Time, we carry out hair transplant services with our professional staff in Istanbul. Thanks to our expert doctors and team, we organize effective and successful operations. The team at our brand is friendly, respectful, and innovative. In our fully equipped center, we get help from the latest technology devices and systems.

We carry out our work by a certain plan. We perform hair transplant operations special to each person using different hair transplant techniques. We always follow the hygiene rules and carry out healthy work.

We guarantee that we will achieve 100% satisfaction with the services we provide. We make interviews with our patients coming from outside the city or abroad, and we provide free transfer service when our patients come. We welcome you at the airport and accompany you on trips from hospital to hotel with our specially allocated vehicles. We offer our patients the opportunity to stay in a 5-star hotel in Istanbul during the period of hair transplant.

A hair transplant is not a process to be completed or to show its effect in a month. There is a one-year waiting period to get a final result from the hair transplant process. Hair starts to grow within a year, however, it takes 1 year for the hair to look natural.

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At the end of the first year after the hair transplant, the person now has their natural hair. Within this process, we provide medical support to protect, maintain and restore hair. As the Now Hair Time team, we provide lifelong medical support until we get great results. Our team keeps in touch with you according to your wishes and needs and enables you to get through the process easily.

We have interpreters in our hair transplant center. We receive interpreter support for our patients coming from abroad and provide them the best service constantly. We adequately complete our duty among the hair transplant centers serving in Istanbul and serve our patients at the right prices. As the leading center name in the sector, we offer professional services within quality standards.

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The advanced techniques used in hair transplant operations in Istanbul enable the city to be preferred for the operation. Different techniques are used for hair transplants. The use of these techniques varies according to each person. The correct technique is determined and applied for the person by the causes of the hair loss, the structure of the hair, and the characteristics of the hair follicles in the donor area.

Since there are different hair transplant techniques, the prices of these techniques also vary. The price of the technique applied can vary from individual to individual. Which technique to apply for hair transplant, the price of the technique is determined in the examination. After the meeting between the patient and the hair transplant center, a plan is created for the operation during the examination stage. Hair transplant techniques applied in Istanbul are as follows;

  • Sapphire FUE technique
  • DHI technique
  • Classic FUE technique
  • Unshaven hair transplant technique

Sapphire FUE technique, DHI technique, classical FUE technique, and unshaven hair transplant technique are commonly used techniques. These techniques have developed over time and have become what they are today.

Hospitals and clinics in Istanbul also carry out hair transplants using these techniques. Each technique offers its advantages to patients. The most appropriate technique is determined according to the condition of the patient and the application begins after the necessary conditions are met. Hair transplant performed by expert doctors and surgeons is more reliable.

Turkey is quite economical in the hair transplant sector compared to other European countries and the quality of the results is also quite successful compared to European countries. All the needs of people who come to Turkey for hair transplantation are met and different service packages are created for different needs. These packages include hotel, airport transfer, medicines, and shampoos, as well as city tours.

Techniques used in hair transplant processes are open to development. Over time, there may be improvements and minor changes in these techniques. These developments and changes will be in favor of the patients. Istanbul will closely follow these changes and developments in the sector.

Covid Process in Turkey

After the increase in the number of cases in other countries around the world, Turkey has taken all the necessary precautions against Covid. Necessary measures have been taken not only for the hair transplant sector but also for Covid in all hospitals and clinics in Turkey.

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