What Is Grey Hair Transplant?

What is a grey hair transplant? The hair transplant process can be preferred by people of all ages with hair loss and thinning hair problems. However, considering the general average of those who prefer this procedure, the majority of people who have hair transplants are thirty or over thirty. In this case, the person who will have a hair transplant will likely have grey areas on their hair.

When this is the case, inevitably, the people who will have a hair transplant have the question of ‘grey hair transplant can be done” in their mind. The hair transplant process can be performed smoothly on people who have started to have grey hair.

What Is Grey Hair Transplant? Natural Appearance Problem

What people having hair transplants want is that their hair has a natural and flawless appearance just like their past. Therefore, in hair transplant, a Natural look must be taken into consideration as much and dense hair. A well-organized planning phase is carried out for this purpose.

Two things are very important for a natural appearance. The first one is the balanced and correct implanting of the hair follicles collected from the donor area into the balding area.

The second is that the front hairline must be drawn from where it should be, not lower or over. In this way, the person will like the new hair after the procedure. Grey hair transplant is no different from other hair transplants.

In a grey hair transplant, the harvesting and implanting can be challenging because when the root is white, the hair root can be confused with dead tissue, and this makes it difficult and takes time to distinguish the difference.

Grey hair root looks the same as dead tissue. Distinguishing white roots from dead tissues should be performed well. This is why the medical team’s expertise and professionalism play a key role.

How To Plan Hair Transplantation On Whitening Hair?

Grey hairs are usually concentrated in the back of the head and over the ears. There may be regional hair greying as well as mixed hair greying types.

Paying attention to these rules when planning a hair transplant operation will provide hair with a natural and aesthetic appearance. Otherwise, when the hair transplant process is done without considering these rules, there will be hair that is away from its esthetical beauty and the person will not be satisfied with the hair transplant.

The hair transplant process normally takes 6-8 hours. However, this time increases slightly for white hair.

What Is Grey Hair Transplant?

How To Provide a Natural Appearance In Hair Transplant?

A natural and beautiful appearance is the first request of the people who will have a hair transplant. Most people having hair transplants want to have the operation to feel good and to look nice to people. If a natural look is not provided, people’s eyes are one the person who has hair transplant. This leads to further depression for the person.

The secret of natural appearance in hair transplant is detailed planning and analysis. The person is examined before the hair transplant process begins.

In this examination, the density of the hair in the donor area to be harvested for hair transplant, the size of the area to be transplanted, and the total number of grafts required are determined.

Then, at what angle and how often the hair will be planted is planned. Another important step for the natural look is the hairline. A straight drawing of the front hairline creates a funny image. Instead, it must be natural and be in a zigzag way as it is in other people.

Where Should I Prefer To Have Hair Transplant?

As we touched upon frequently in our previous articles, the best hair transplant centers around the world are in Turkey. Hair transplant is usually done in clinics in Istanbul, which is the largest and most developed city in the country.

The first place we would suggest to you is Now Hair Time with its team of doctors, years of experience and well-equipped hospital. Moreover, Now Hair Time does not charge you per the number of grafts for hair.

The amount of grafts needed for you to achieve a beautiful and natural appearance is calculated and processed. You will not be charged an additional fee. Now Hair Time provides you maximum grafts with fixed prices.

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