What Is Grey Hair Transplant?
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What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

The only known treatment method for hair loss is hair transplant. Hair transplant is the operation of transplanting the hair in the donor area between the two ears into the recipient area to be transplanted. Today, FUE method is the most preferred method among the methods used for hair transplant. 

The FUE method is the process of transplanting the hair follicles from the donor area with the micro motor one by one into the channels opened to the recipient area one by one. Generally, the most ideal method for people with male pattern baldness is the FUE method.

What Are The Advantages Of FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE method, which is the most comfortable technique to be applied in terms of both doctor and patient compared to the old methods, is seen as the technique with the highest success rate.

Comparing to another technique FUT, the FUE technique, which has a short processing time, makes the person feel comfortable during the operation as there will be no cuts in the hair transplant process thanks to the equipment used during the hair transplant process. In the FUE technique, which does not leave scars in the donor area after the operation comparing the FUT technique, the donor area returns to its former state within a few months, varying from the patient to the patient after the operation. While medical dressing is done one day after the hair transplant operation, the first wash can be done after approximately 36 hours.


What Is The Success Rate In FUE Technique?

The success rate of FUE technique, which is seen as the technique with the most successful results and used recently, is over 95 percent. 95 percent of the hair follicles transplanted are not fallen out. FUE method, which is the most preferred method by hair transplant specialists, is seen as a much safer method compared to old techniques.

What To Do After The FUE Method

The hair that comes out of the hair follicles transplanted after FUE hair transplant is fallen in about a month. This hair fall that occurs after each hair transplant is called shock hair loss. Shock hair loss varies from patient to patient. While some people do not experience it at all, half of the hair transplanted in some people is fallen out, while in others, all hair is fallen. This is a natural process that should happen after hair transplant. 

The patient should not worry. After this hair loss process, new hair begins to grow permanently in the area hair follicles are transplanted within 5-6 months. Medical dressing is done one day after FUE hair transplant. After 36 hours, the first washing of the hair is carried out in the hair transplant center, and the patients are informed in detail about how to wash their hair by explaining the points that they should pay attention.

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