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Many factors are effective in determining hair transplant prices. Although it varies depending on the price policy of the selected hair transplant center, many factors such as the technique of the procedure to be performed in general, the location of the hair transplant operation, the hotel, transfer and private interpreter services for patients coming from abroad are effective in determining the price. But the quality and successful results of the place where you want to have hair transplant are the most important factor that determines the price.

In recent years, many hair transplant companies have emerged with Turkey becoming a leading country in the field of hair transplant. In addition, patients who start the research to have hair transplant encounter different price offers.

Hair transplant prices vary depending on the expertise of staff in the hair transplant center, the results obtained, the technique to be applied and the services offered to the patient. The price of hair transplant performed in a hospital environment with its expert staff is higher than the others. Although hair transplant is considered as a simple procedure by many people, on the contrary, it is a surgical procedure that should be applied meticulously. For this reason, the procedure should be performed in a fully equipped hospital and sterile environment by experts and doctors. Especially, institutional clinics with expert and qualified hair transplant staff that operate in accordance with ethical, sterile, hygienic rules should be preferred and you should choose reliable hair transplant centers with certificates in their fields.

Turkey hosting many international patient with the achievements in the field of hair transplant, offers quite affordable prices compared to other countries. For the latest technology FUE method, where the most successful results are obtained in hair transplant, pricing varies according to the number of “grafts” called hair follicles in many countries. In Turkey, the price is not given per graft. Especially professional hair transplant centers work on the number of grafts which patient needs without any extra fee. It is the main goal that the person’s hair will have the most natural and successful appearance.

With the “maximum graft, fixed price” policy, there are two packages we offer to our patients coming from abroad as Now Hair Time. These packages contain all the facilities for our patients, therefore, they can accommodate comfortably in Turkey. Moreover, we combine hair transplant and touristic trips by offering additional services to our patients coming with their family who want to explore the beauties of Istanbul.

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