Francis Ngannou's Hair Transplant Experience at Now Hair Time

Francis Ngannou, a celebrated MMA fighter with a global following, is admired not only for his prowess in the ring but also for his distinct style and personal image. However, as time went on, he noticed his once thick hair starting to thin and show signs of hair loss.

Given his keen interest in maintaining his appearance, Ngannou began to explore solutions for his hair loss. Hair transplantation quickly became a promising option. Being a high-profile individual, Ngannou meticulously researched to find the best possible solution for his hair restoration needs.

During his research, Ngannou discovered Now Hair Time, a brand renowned for its expertise, innovative techniques, and reliability in the hair transplantation industry. The brand’s advanced methods and professional team particularly impressed him.

Where did Francis Ngannou get his hair transplanted?

Francis Ngannou underwent his hair transplant procedure in Turkey with the highly regarded Now Hair Time brand.


Ngannou contacted Now Hair Time’s team of experts and started a thorough consultation process. He engaged in detailed discussions with the brand’s specialists to understand the intricacies of the hair transplantation process and to devise the most suitable plan for his unique situation. The brand's professionalism and client-focused approach instilled confidence in Ngannou.

After careful consideration, Francis Ngannou chose Now Hair Time for his hair transplant. The experienced team delivered a successful and seamless experience, employing the latest technology to meet his expectations.

Ngannou’s journey with Now Hair Time created a significant buzz on social media. He shared his positive experience and the details of the process with his followers, drawing widespread attention to the superior quality and expertise of Now Hair Time.

The choice of prominent personalities like Francis Ngannou highlights the exceptional standards of Now Hair Time in the hair transplantation field. The brand consistently achieves natural and aesthetically pleasing results, emphasizing its dedication to expertise and customer satisfaction.

In the past, other notable figures such as Tracy McGrady and Chris Bumstead also trusted Now Hair Time for their hair transplantation needs. As Now Hair Time continues to attract top athletes and celebrities, its reputation for delivering natural and effective results grows even stronger.

Francis Ngannou’s hair transplant journey not only underscores his commitment to personal image but also serves as an inspiration for those considering hair transplantation. Through his experience, Ngannou showcases the outstanding quality and proficiency of Now Hair Time, encouraging others to make informed decisions about their hair restoration options.

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