How Much is FUE Hair Transplant Price 2022?

FUE hair transplant has emerged from the aesthetic concerns of today’s people and their desire for a healthy life. Since the FUE hair transplant method which has been implemented since the early 2000s, has many advantages, almost all hair transplant is done with this method today. However, there are of course doctors and hair transplant centers that cannot keep up with the era and use traditional methods.

Hair Loss in Men

There are many reasons for hair loss in men, such as stress, heredity, and hormonal disorders. Even though hair loss is not related to age, visible hair loss is noticed at later ages. Especially 35% of men have a noticeable hair loss problem after the age of 35 to 40. The hair loss problem, which stands out with a noticeable problem such as an open forehead, can be eliminated with a good hair transplant operation.

Hair transplantation has become a well-known operation today. Even people who are no longer completely bald want a hair transplant to improve their hair appearance. Although hair transplantation was first started by Japan, this technology came to the West as the popularity in the industry increased. The main reason why Turkey is preferred for hair transplantation is that the cost is quite low compared to other European countries. When people who want to have a hair transplant want to have this procedure done in Turkey, they both get the job done cheaply and get to know Turkey by visiting it.How Much is FUE Hair Transplant Price 2022?

Due to many factors such as painlessness operation, no leakage, higher success rate, application in any period, the fast recovery process, achieving the most natural appearance, the FUE technique stands out in choosing for those who need a hair transplant. Moreover, there are continuous developments in this method.

The developments in the field of medicine and technology from the equipment used to the operation details are manifested in a short time. Therefore, a successful hair transplant center will follow the innovations closely and always provide a better, more modern hair transplant service to its patients. Even though the price varies from patient to patient, priority should always be the quality, experience, and expertise of the team. You should get service from a center that will be with you at every stage of the process.

What is its Price?

When it comes to hair transplants, one of the first things that come to mind is the hair transplant price. However, it is useful to give information about the general lines of the FUE method.

Firstly, hair loss is a very common problem. Depending on genetic factors, hair loss may occur due to environmental factors, stress, hormonal disorders, seasonal changes, and many other factors. Hair loss causes a lack of self-confidence in general. It can cause the person to feel old. However, this is not untreatable. Hair that is fallen out can be made as lush and natural as before with a hair transplant.

Hair transplant has been carried out for almost a hundred years. With advances in medicine, innovations are emerging in hair transplants. For this reason, hair transplants are constantly carried out with new methods, techniques, and details. The last example for this and the modern method of hair transplant appear as the FUE technique or method.

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. This method, which started to be applied in Japan in 1988, entered the medical literature in 2002. In this method, hair follicles are harvested one by one from the area selected as the donor area and implanted in the desired area. Then, the hair follicles harvested from the donor area are implanted one by one in the same way. Therefore, hair transplant operations performed with the FUE method are performed in longer sessions compared to other methods. In the first years and the first application, operations were performed with 1 mm punches, and now operations are performed with micromotors today, which speeds up the process a little more.

FUE hair transplant method is a technique that is used quite a lot. However, how it is applied has a huge impact on the success rate. Therefore, it must be done by healthcare providers in a well-equipped hospital environment. Otherwise, even if it is a successful hair transplant, you can face a non-aesthetic hair image.

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The difference and advantages of the FUE hair transplant method from past hair transplant methods are quite high. Therefore, it has been widely preferred recently, hair transplant is mainly done with FUE not only in our country However also in the most developed countries around the world. We can list the reasons for this as follows:

  • Operation is easy. In the FUE method, while the grafts are collected from the person to have a hair transplant, the hair follicles are harvested one by one, not with large incisions. Likewise, it is applied one by one. Therefore, cuts do not occur especially where the hair follicles are harvested. Serious bleeding does not occur in the region. Thus, there will be no scars or marks. The healing process is much faster and you can overcome the transition period only in the form of swellings.
  • It is easy to implement. FUE method is the ideal method for those who want a painless and acheless hair transplant because the tips used in micro motors are very small and pain and ache are not felt during graft collection and placement. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the procedures are performed rapidly. It is completed in a short time. The person does not feel any pain or ache during the operation.
  • It is effective in all conditions. The FUE method can also be applied in people with a shortage of donors where hungry roots will be removed. These hair follicles can be transplanted to the head in the same way. However, implementing details and planning should be done right for an aesthetic result. These roots should be placed by spreading mostly to the inner parts.
  • It provides a more natural look. Hair transplant with the FUE method can be applied to anyone who wants a general or regional hair transplant. Since the transplant can be made at the desired frequency, the expectations of those who want to have more frequent hair can be met easily.
  • It provides permanent results. The biggest expectation in hair transplant operations is that the transplanted hair is permanent. Therefore, the FUE method is ideal for those who are afraid of hair fall after a hair transplant. In this method, hair follicles are harvested from areas with no hair fall properties such as the nape area between two ears, thus, there will be no hair fall after the operation.

To have all these advantages, if you are considering a hair transplant, your priority should not be the price of an FUE hair transplant. Because all of the pluses and above-mentioned factors will be as a result of a successful operation.

Otherwise, you may face a highly painful, risk of infection, non-permanent hair transplant with a low success rate. Moreover, hair transplant operations are irreversible. Therefore, pre-planning is one of the most important stages of the process, and the aesthetic appearance you will have depends on the success of this plan. Therefore, the price quote you will receive from experienced and competent hair transplant specialists will be slightly higher.

What Does Determine the Prices?

There are many factors on the price of hair transplants with the FUE method. Therefore, it is not possible to get a standard price. Although hair transplant centers say a certain price when you talk from a distance, pricing will probably change during face-to-face interviews and examinations. Of course, this does not mean that you will always get a higher price than it is said.

Personal features are one of the first factors that affect the price. The processing fee varies according to the hair root that the person needs. The width of the donor area in the person affects the hair root to be used. This affects the duration of the operation. As the duration gets longer, the price increases.

In FUE hair transplant, the hair transplant period varies according to the width of the area to be transplanted. How much hair follicles and hair tissue is required is important in determining the duration of the procedure. If the hair follicle and hair tissue called graft should be around 4,000 to 4,500 for the time of transplant, this process can take about 6-7 hours. Sometimes this period can be up to 9 hours depending on the number of grafts.

While performing a hair transplant with the FUE method, short breaks can be given depending on the length of the session. Graft harvesting time is generally between 2-4 hours and a short break is given after the graft harvesting is completed. Therefore, the following factors are determining how long the hair transplant period will take:

  • The width of the area to be implanted,
  • The number of grafts to be harvested according to the width of the area,
  • Experience of the person operating,
  • Session duration and session preference of the person operating,
  • The structural property of scalp for processing.

Another determinant on the price of FUE hair transplant, and even the most important factor, is the expertise of the doctor and team who will operate because this directly affects the success of the operation. Firstly, a detailed analysis is required before starting the FUE method.

The person’s hair density, structural features, the direction of hair growth, and natural structure are examined in detail. Accordingly, it is necessary to determine the details such as at what angle the hair roots will be implanted, in which direction, where the forehead line will start and end, how many roots will be needed.

Especially the correct determination of the hair roots’ angle has a direct effect on aesthetics. The channels in the recipient area should be opened one by one, and placed into opened channels one by one. This is the most important stage of hair transplant and this is the most important determinant on the success of the team. An expert, experienced surgeon, and their team can achieve the result of a completely natural appearance FUE hair transplant, which will not be obvious that it is transplanted.

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Where will the hair transplant surgery be done?

In Turkey, this procedure can only be performed in hospitals, health centers, or polyclinics authorized by the Ministry of Health. First of all, find out the address of the place where the procedure will be carried out, in places such as apartments, residences, villas are given, ask for permission documents issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health at these addresses. If you work in a location that does not meet these requirements, your permits have not been obtained and the equipment, medical skills, and staff will not be available to respond to you in an emergency.

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FUE hair transplant is a process. Coordination of patients and doctors before, during, and after the operation, conducting a harmonious process at all stages increases the success rate. Therefore, it is necessary to pay utmost attention to the service details when choosing a hair transplant center.

Before the hair transplant operation, the hair should be clean, and be free of chemicals. Alcohol and smoking should be stopped at least one week before the operation. Tiring the body should be avoided a week before the operation and you should pay attention to nutrition. The operation should be strictly on the full stomach and comfortable clothes should be preferred.

The post-operative period takes approximately 12 months following the operation. Particular attention should be paid to the first 3-4 weeks. The doctor’s recommendations and warnings should be strictly followed. The given medication and creams should be used, and factors such as scratching, seawater, plenty of suns, and sand should be avoided.

As Now Hair Time, we have been transplanting with the FUE method for a long time. We are among the first adopters of this method in Turkey. Our team of experts has served patients from different countries around the world and has achieved the highest rate of success every time. With this confidence, we constantly renew ourselves and continue our work without compromising our quality standards. We create personalized programs and achieve the most successful operations without ignoring personal preferences.

We always try to offer the best price with our extra services such as free transfer, hotel reservation, lifelong medical support, private interpreter. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not decide on the hair transplant operation without receiving information and a price quote from us. We expect you to get information from our experts via our contact numbers.

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