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Hair loss in women and men can cause baldness. Many methods have been used for permanent solution in hair loss for years. While shampoos, creams, serums etc. are used to stop hair loss, the most effective method is hair
There is continuous development and progress in the universe. Advances in the field of technology and science affect the health and beauty sector closely, and many diseases can be with cured with new treatment methods. D
Hair transplant is an application to regain their new hair for people who lost their hair or suffer from baldness for various reasons.When a person decides to have a hair transplant, they must first prepare themselves fo
Hair transplant is a procedure that both men and women often prefer today. The problem can be overcome by performing an operation after hair loss, which we can refer to as a permanent solution for hair loss problem.This
When it comes to hair loss even if it comes to mind that it is a problem men experience, it also occurs in women due to various reasons. Today, hair loss has become to be seen at a very early age, and has started to be s
The setting time of the roots transplanted in the area after hair transplant takes 72 hours. The area implanted should be carefully protected against impact and hitting for at least 3 days. At the same time, the planting
What is Incrustation After Hair Transplant? What Causes Incrusting after Hair Transplant? There may be some conditions after hair transplant. After the hair transplant procedure, itching may be seen in addition to rednes
Who can have Hair Transplant? In recent years, hair loss has become a problem that we see frequently in both men and women. Hair transplant is carried out when hair loss due to hormones, stress or any health problems is
What are the Causes of Hair Loss at Teenagers? Today, hair loss starts from age of 20s. Research carried out in adolescence has revealed many reasons for hair loss. While the reason for hair loss in young men is generall
Hair Washing after Hair Transplant has an important role in order to get successful results from hair transplant. Especially after the first week of hair transplant operation, you should be very careful. The care taken i
What is grey hair transplant? Hair transplant process can be preferred by people of all ages with hair loss and thinning hair problems. However, considering the general average of those who prefer this procedure, the maj

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