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There used many different techniques from the past to the present in hair transplant operation. Firstly , Hair transplant methods have started with FUT technique .We’ve also followed another technique such as DHI techn
In cases where the hair loss becomes visible and hair does not grow again, it will be beneficial for the people to consult a hair transplant specialist before it is late. In the time period that people will lose, the sit
Baldness, which is among the general problems of our age, is a problem that wears down many people. Due to this wearing process, people apply to different fields and seek treatment. The most appropriate treatment for bal
The most accurate and right solution for people who experience hair loss is hair transplant. The hair transplant process, which promises a natural appearance, is preferred more and more. With the increase in hair transpl
Today, there are many people who have hair loss and baldness problem. The most permanent solution to this problem is hair transplant. Hair transplant is done by transplanting strong hair roots to the area where people ex
Medical treatment does not work in people who have reached the advanced stages of hair loss. If these people feel uncomfortable with their appearance or think that the loss of their hair reduces their quality of life, th
The causes of androgenetic alopecia, that is, hair loss, which causes an appearance disorder and causes individuals to lose their self-confidence, are as follows:Excessive weight lossSome medicines used (blood thinners,
For adults, daily hair loss varying from 100 to 150 hairs is considered normal. Those who have hair loss that is more than these numbers per day, face hair loss problem.There are some general causes of hair loss although
Hair transplant is an application field that has been in use since 1950s and incorporates the latest developments in technology and science. Therefore, cloning is also a part of modern technology used in hair transplant
There is continuous development and progress in the universe. Advances in the field of technology and science affect the health and beauty sector closely, and many diseases can be with cured with new treatment methods. D
Hair transplant is an application to regain their new hair for people who lost their hair or suffer from baldness for various reasons.When a person decides to have a hair transplant, they must first prepare themselves fo

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