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Hair, which is of great importance for men, falls out over time due to genetic reasons. If you want your hair to regain its old appearance, Now Hair Time brings professional solutions to your problems with its hair transplant specialists and its team in our hair transplant center where we serve with our new technology devices in Istanbul.

Now Hair Time has reached a large audience with our over ten years of work in the sector in Turkey. As Now Hair Time, we transformed people’s lives to a great extent with FUE and DHI hair transplant. At this point, many of our patients who want to regain their old appearance, have achieved their former appearance with the best treatment methods. Now Hair Time team, which promises our customers the fastest hair growth results with the latest technology devices we use, continues its work with great care every day.

  • We are aware that there is a great loss of self-confidence in our customers who have concerns and doubts about hair transplant. People who have lost their self-confidence, might experience a few psychological problems. We can promise that we will act with great devotion so that you can have the best experience in a few days and we will host you in our relaxing and peaceful facilities. We provide the best experience you can have with the latest technology tools for the FUE hair transplant in Turkey. Your hair regains its former glamorous appearance and you will restore your lost self-esteem.

    Promising a rapid and an instant healing process would be to give a false hope to those who consider having a hair transplant operation. In this regard, companies that make exaggerated promises are not realistic. Hair transplant treatment is a long-term procedure and immediate results should not be expected. You should keep your expectations high in the long term, however, not too high in the short term. While offering you relaxing and pleasant days throughout your treatment process, this process will make you feel that your hair will regain its former appearance.

    There are many hair transplant companies in the Turkish market. In this process, you should examine many brands before the treatment that you will receive. In the treatment for your hair, you might experience the infections on your head and some complications in the hair follicles, which will discomfort you.

    As Now Hair Time team, we minimize any risks you might experience during the hair transplant operation under supervision of Op. Dr. Under the control of Bahadır İmer, and provide the best hair transplant experience to you. Bahadır İmer, one of the first doctors to carry out hair transplant operations in Turkey, provides you with the best hair transplant treatment. During the treatment process, Now Hair Time takes precautions for any problems that may be experienced such as any infection and disease and we care about your comfort.

    Now Hair Time stands out among other hair transplant companies in Turkey and provides customer satisfaction with its special treatment and service. Now Hair Time team, which keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level, always stands out in the sector in order to provide the best treatment experience to customers with the customer communication and relations that they established.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

  • Continuous availability
  • Transportation between facility, hotel and airport
  • Hair structure analysis
  • High healing rate
  • Fix prices
  • Foreign Language support
  • No pain or ache
  • Certified doctor
  • Private facility, clinic

No Side Effects

With a special punch device in our clinic, the root structure of your hair and surrounding tissues are removed. While performing these procedures, it does not leave any scar or cause bleeding on your head. As Now Hair Time team, our specialists minimize your pain during the operation. It makes you feel safe and comfortable throughout the treatment.

No Scars

Many patients worry whether it will leave scars on the head after the hair transplant operation. Our specialist doctors provide the guarantee that there will be no scars on your heads.

Fast Recovery

With the latest technology FUE devices we will use in hair transplant treatment, it accelerates your healing process and will allow you to return to your daily life quickly..


  1. Natural and Dense Hair with Sapphire FUE (See: Sapphire FUE)
  2. Unshaven and Dense Hair with DHI Hair Transplant (See: DHI Hair Transplant)
  3. Classical FUE Technique (See: FUE Technique)
These methods are the most current techniques used in hair transplant. Which method to apply varies depending on the way the patient’s hair loss occur. The technique that can give the most successful result is determined after the evaluation by the hair transplant specialist.  


  • As the Now Hair Time team, the hair transplant treatment we give you is performed once and in this process, donors are taken from various parts of your body and applied to the thinning and bald areas on your hair. Throughout the treatment process, we provide you with the best service in our facilities and we can guarantee that no stitches will be performed on your head.

Your recovery period takes the minimum duration during the treatment process. Possible problems in your body during the process will be recovered within a week or ten days.

As with any treatment, there are side effects in hair transplant treatment. These side effects include redness, bleeding, edema around the face and bruising.

Hair loss occurs in all hair transplant treatments, however, these are not hair roots. Many patients confuse hair loss experienced in this process with grafts.

  • In this process, we meet all your needs in order to provide the best experience for you with a professional experience.
  • In order to examine the condition of the patients after hair transplant, your hair should be washed with great care.
  • To minimize the swelling that may occur on your head, you should sleep at an angle for three days after treatment.
  • As Now Hair Time, we assure you that we will help you in every stage during your hair transplant treatment. In this process, we are with you from the airport to the clinic and to the hotel  and we ensure that you have a smooth treatment process.


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